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. . . and then I didn't post for four months. Oops?

Um. Maybe I'll fill you guys in later on relevant things like classes I took, thoughts on fandom stuff, and so on. For now, though, I am going to try to gently ease back into at least posting often enough to keep the cobwebs from collecting on my journal by doing this thing I did a couple years ago. I'm just gonna copy and paste the entire text of the post itself.

As I'm sure many of you have done, I have lost multiple chunks of my life to TV Tropes. The most recent chunk was at the Wild Mass Guessing page, which is a gathering of pages on different fandoms discussing fanon theories from the sensible to the insane. Many of them have an "X is a Time Lord" guess, and since Dollhouse, there are a lot of "X is a Doll" guesses popping up, too.

So! In my idleness, I have decided to pose this - I don't know, meme I just made up to you guys.

Name me a fandom I'm familiar with, and I'll tell you who's a Time Lord, who's a Doll, or both (probably both) and why.

Feel free to swipe and use this yourself, if you could stand to kill some time.

I think it's been long enough for me to do again. You can ask for fandoms I did last time and I'll try to come up with different answers. Unless you do PotC, because "Jack is a Time Lord and the Pearl is his TARDIS" will ALWAYS be the right answer.
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*snorts* I should've seen that coming.

This time around, the Doll is Deborah. Please, did you really think Violet and Grahame just happened to find such a politically perfect wife so soon? I bet the Chandlers and Rossum are like this.

I'm afraid Bobby Barrel is still the only one who makes sense as a Time Lord, though. I mean, he's either a Time Lord or a ghost. Maybe that ridiculous hat is his TARDIS.

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Oh that's perfect. Deborah YES exactly. Exactly.

[Could Tina not have like, regenerated, though?]
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I doubt it? Gliardi shot her in the head. That doesn't guarantee an instantaneous death, but I'd imagine that by now Gliardi is experienced enough that the chances it didn't kill her immediately are really low.

Plus, she's so - blank, and spineless, and depressing, and lacking in agency. I just can't bring myself to associate any of those qualities with a Time Lady, unless she was chameleon-arced or something. And even then. That said, I could totally go for an AU with Time Lady!Tina who is the opposite of all those things I just said and makes Cal get his shit together. Then drags him off in her TARDIS. :D

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The Detroit Tigers.

I really just want to know what Justin Verlander would be. :P
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Fucking awesome, that's what.

Obvs he is a Time Lord. He is here to save the world, but his TARDIS malfunctioned and dropped him a decade too early. He was gonna get right back in, but then he watched a 2003 game and decided the Tigers needed his help, and he'd have to get started right away to subtly insert himself into the timeline. So he did.

But don't worry. He's still ready to save the world in 2013.

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Of course Verlander is a Time Lord.

I don't even know what a Time Lord is, but it seems appropriate!

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House MD

And I'm totally stealing this one.

Like now.

Welcome back!
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Hmm. I wanted to be clever and obscure with this, but I haven't watched the show since somewhere during season five. I don't remember details well enough anymore to do anything other than the obvious, I'm afraid.

House is a Time Lord. His TARDIS has gone missing and he hates humans about as much as the Doctor loves them, so he's completely miserable and angry. He also hates being bored, hence the diagnostician gig. He'd regenerate, but then he'd have to start all over establishing another identity.

Cuddy is a Doll. Rossum is somehow under the impression that House can be made useful for them one of these days, so they're keeping him where they can see him. Cuddy is programmed to make sure he stays there, which is the real reason why she never fires his ass.

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Brilliant. Slightly Jossed in the last two seasons, but Brilliant based on what we had before then. Also, great analysis of House's character. It really makes more sense than what they've been selling lately.
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Okay, but who's the Doll in Pirates of the Caribbean?

(I maybe was rereading James-Echo threads earlier. *ruffles their hair*)
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Last time (, it was Norrington. This time, it's the priest whatshisface from the fourth movie. He was placed on Blackbeard's ship as an unwitting spy - there were trigger words implanted to ensure that he would spill everything once he was brought back.

His Dollhouse still has not figured out what the fuck happened to him.

(Aw, I miss them! There's been a bit more threading going on with James and Jack, and it has made me all nostalgic. Poor James is still mid-canon because I wandered off for like a year.)
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From: [personal profile] adiva_calandia

*cracks up* When I actually get a chance to see the movie I suspect this is going to make that part of the plot much more entertaining.

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