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( May. 2nd, 2005 08:20 pm)
Wow. Tonight's game was like an object lesson in everything the Sox are doing wrong.

* They wasted a good starter. Jeremi-with-an-I was about eight bazillion times better than everyone expected. He pitched a good game. He gave up three runs in the first inning, but then he settled down and ended up with seven Ks. I'm feeling better about our rotation.

And yet.

* Way too many men stranded on base. What was it, eleven tonight? I'm used to this, it's what we do, but it shouldn't be. I've noticed that a lot of our runs come from homers, which is all well and good, but let's do some old-fashioned hitting too, because this is what happens when no one gets a home run. Our offense needs to chill out and stop swinging for the poles every damn time.

* OUR BULLPEN SUCKS OH MY GOD. Mantei did a nice job, five up and five down, but Neal and Embree? STOP THAT. Five runs between the two of you was just tragically ridiculous. I'm just glad we didn't have to see Foulkie tonight.

* Too bad that awesome out from Rents ultimately didn't do shit.


So, over all, it's a good thing for my sanity that I wasn't rooting for them tonight.

. . . oh, what? I love Bonderman and I wanted him to get the win. And he did, so now his record is 4-2. The Sox get way more games than Bondo gets starts. It was weird as all shit to be cheering and growling at all the wrong places, but this is the only game I'll be doing it. Next two games I'm happy either way, and Thursday Arroyo starts so it's all about the Sox.

It is strange, though, to not root for a team you know so well. Because I know the Sox's strengths and weaknesses, and I knew when to be nervous ("Oh, Tek's at bat") and when to relax ("Blaine Neal? Do they, like, not want to win?"). Usually, it's a bit of a gray area, because you can follow a rival team all you want, but unless you can watch them regularly, you don't know them like you know your own team, so you're not sure how much tension to feel when.

Oh, and that rough time Bondo had? Totally my fault. I'm sorry. See, I decided after his 1-2-3 first that it would be fun to try and keep a game log. So I did, and he promptly started losing his shit. In the fourth inning, bases loaded, I decided to stop writing and see what happened.

Game Log of DOOM )

And the second I stopped writing, Bondo struck out Manny, and then Ortiz, and got out of that bases loaded jam. Nice. So, even though I was dying to, I didn't write another damn word. I'm sorry, Bondo. I won't do it again. In fact, no more game logs from me period.

And then the Tigers proceeded to take advantage of the Sox - doing whatever the fuck they thought they were doing. Triples and triples. Two homers from Carlos Peña. A great inning of relief from TEH FARNS, and two nice ones from Ugie Urbina. Okay, Pudge went 0-for-4, but you can't have everything.

So, from a Tigers fan standpoint, absolutely lovely. From a Red Sox fan standpoint, what the fuck is wrong with my team?

In news of other teams: Yankees actually win a game, 6-2. Over the Devil Rays, so let's not get too worked up. Meanwhile, the Astros trash the Pirates, 4-11, with my boy Andy Pettitte getting the win. Very good day for my pitchers. <3

In conclusion: BONDO.
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( May. 2nd, 2005 01:35 pm)
Whew, we're not sending down Youk to make room for Gonzalez. Unfortunately, we're getting rid of McCarty instead, possibly losing him from the organization entirely, which, since McCarty is back-up first base, kind of explains the Olerud thing. Wow, way too damn many commas in that sentence.

Tonight: Jeremy Bonderman vs. Jeremi "Not even good enough for the Devil Rays" Gonzalez. I want Bondo to keep his winning record (3-2 right now) so badly that I almost don't mind that the Sox would have to take a loss. Almost.
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( May. 1st, 2005 06:10 pm)
Wow. The Sox just signed John Olerud to a minor league contract. Olerud played first base for the Yankees last year; he hurt his foot during the ALCS and ended up having surgery. So he's gonna need time to get back in shape, and then who knows? Something happens to Millar, Olerud and his batting helmet may well end up on first base at Fenway. Weeeeeeird.

Whee, Tom Caron just called Bondo a "tough way to start." THAT'S RIGHT, FEAR MY BONDO.

Speaking of who's pitching tomorrow - we don't know who's pitching for the Sox tomorrow. Gee, I sure hope they get around to that before game time. And I hope we don't have to lose Youk again to make room on the roster. Can't we ditch Vasquez? He's hurt and Youk is way better anyway.
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( May. 1st, 2005 05:34 pm)
Baseball scorecard thus far: Red Sox beat the Rangers, 6-5. Should have been 6-3, but Foulke isn't quite back to normal yet. Astros got a substantial win over the Cubs 3-9, so you all are spared the complaints about one-run losses, at least for today. And the Yankees lose to the Blue Jays, 8-6.

The Tigers have not, technically, lost yet, but at 8-0 in the ninth with two outs, I'm not holding my breath. Stupid White Sox. Oh, wait, now they've lost. Sigh.

Oh, well. Three out of four is a distinct majority. Also, the Yankees have a 10-15 record. Just saying.
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( Apr. 30th, 2005 10:14 pm)
Hate eight o'clock games. They go late and I am tired. Yay, I can't wait until we visit the Angels in California and the games don't start till ten EST.

Sox ahead so far, 8-2 in the ninth. Bronson's done, but pitched very well. Ooh, and Tek just got a home run, so now it's 9-2. I love my Tek. So, unless they bring out Foulke and he sucks harder than he's ever sucked before - sadly, this is a possibility - I think we've got this one.

In news of other teams, the Yankees won (of course, no one can lose all the time; hell, the Royals also won a game today). The Astros also won, so the Tigers promptly made up for it by losing by one run. My teams don't get mediocre losses. They either implode or just narrowly get squeaked out. I'm so proud.

Yay Sox/Tigers starts Monday!
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( Apr. 28th, 2005 09:51 pm)
Off day for the Red Sox. Tomorrow we face Texas. With our new and improved pitching rotation. *snort* Well, Wake starts tomorrow, so that's fine. He's done well thus far. Anyone wanna join me in giving up and just being amused by the entire situation? Seriously. Worrying over it is just getting us worked up, plus it's only April, so it's time to just relax and laugh at the nice little joke the universe is having on us.

Tigers win 3-2, with all three runs scored in the first inning. I'm really getting the hang of "watching" a game on GameCast. It's starting to feel very natural. I mean, it sucks, because I can't see or hear anything going on and the lag is ridiculous sometimes and some of the programming errors are hilarious (my favorite one so far is Posada getting strike four in the second pitch), but it beats the hell out of a) waiting for NESN to mention the scores when they feel like it or b) waiting to see them in the papers the next day, plus it does still allow me to follow the game. Which often leads to me cheering or yelling at my computer, but that's a whole different set of issues.

*stares at GameCast impatiently* And if the Yankees would please finish losing to the Angels on account of the usual crap starting pitching and useless offense, that would be awesome. I'm tired.

A couple random thoughts to kill time while I wait:

* Does the Daily News have an entire committee whose sole purpose is to come up with puns on "A-Rod?" "A-Bomb." "A-Lone." "E-Rod." "A-Mess." Give it a rest, people.

* Curt Schilling was wearing an Everquest II cap at the press conference yesterday. Awww what a dork. <3

* I like how the little AIM icon at the bottom of the screen in the OSX task bar bobs up and down when I've been IMed, because otherwise I would forget, but I hate it when I'm trying to write a post, because it lags my typing a little, so if I make a typo it takes forever to go back and fix it.

* I have learned from a highly reliable source that Princess A-Rod favors mustard yellow pants. Like, a lot. Finding a way to work this unfortunate information into a fic is my new goal.

Finally. Yankees lose to the Angels, 3-1. The Yankees's rate of suckage is becoming truly impressive. Too bad the Tigers can't play them right now instead of the end of May, they'd sweep for sure.
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( Apr. 27th, 2005 09:49 pm)
What is with the Tigers relief giving up runs the SECOND they get the ball? I mean, in this case the score is now at 10-3 Tigers in the eighth, so I'm not too worried, but WTF?

Yankees currently behind the Angels 5-1, also in the eighth. Funny how they suck when the Princess only gets the one homer.

I feel much better now. =D

Interesting discussion on Schill's ankle going on at [ profile] redsox. Heaven knows you want to take anything you read at that community with a grain of salt, but the OP here seems to know what she's talking about, and she's talking possible stress fracture. Which comes with a possible eight weeks out. LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU AND I'M NOT THINKING ABOUT IT.

But I still feel better. It's hard to lift out of a funk at work, and much easier to shake it at home when I'm free to do what I need to do to distract myself and break the circles my mind is going in. I'm not any happier about our pitching situation, but I'm not ready to have a fit either.

Edit: Final Tigers score 10-3. <3 I think I'll go to bed now and trust the Angels to finish things up.

Edit again: Okay, I lie. I futzed around and killed time getting ready for bed until that game was over. Final score: 5-1, Angels. What a difference twenty-four hours makes.
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( Apr. 27th, 2005 04:01 pm)
I don't know where to start on this craptacular day, people. It has been so wretched in such outstandingly varied ways that I don't know where to begin. Do I tell it chronologically? Do I divide it into sections like "Baseball Bullshit" and "Personal Bullshit?" Do I give up entirely and shotgun my Heineken? Or should I pop the Heineken into the fridge and just go to bed?

Okay. I have consulted my Theo icon, and we have decided that chronologically it is. Makes a better story. And I have a feeling this'll be hella long, so I'll do my friends a favor and cut it.

A day which you merely spend enraged is not a bad day. A day which you spend helplessly amused at the stupidity, until you give in to the numbness pervading your soul? That's a bad fucking day. )

So, here I am, emo-ing in LJ, drinking Heineken, talking with my friends, and waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Because it's not done yet.
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( Apr. 26th, 2005 11:09 pm)
I am going to vomit everywhere. I hate the Orioles. I hate our bullpen. I hate A-Rod. And I hate rain for taking the Tigers and Astros away from me.
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( Apr. 26th, 2005 07:17 pm)
Well, shit, Boomer. I'm gonna miss him. How long before a month to six weeks is over?

Also, the Astros game tonight has been postponed. Except that it's rain instead of snow. But on the other hand, the Tigers game is merely delayed with no further explanation on the scoreboard. Oh, no, wait, it's rain. Well . . . at least it's not snow?

Ha, at least the Yankees aren't being precipitated on. They're playing the Angels. Which means *snf* Orlando Cabrera. Man, just the thought of seeing his little picture on GameCast for another team makes me sad.

Edit: And A-Rod got a three-run homer. MOTHERFUCKER. Does this mean I can't make fun of him for being useless anymore? (No.)

Edit again: And then A-Rod got a two-run homer. I don't care, I don't care, I'll still make fun of him . . . *foams at mouth*

On the plus side, the Sox are currently ahead 5-2. Very productive second inning. <3

Edit s'more: And he got a GRAND SLAM. Now GameCast is just making this up to TORMENT ME. The Angels need to remember never to let Bartolo Colon pitch to A-Rod again, because he CAN'T and he SUCKS. This is RIDICULOUS. Someone will please have to let me know how the Red Sox game turns out, because I will be busy KILLING MYSELF.

WOOOOO Manny just got a three-run homer! 8-3! Never mind, I guess I choose life after all. <3 <3 <3
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( Apr. 26th, 2005 05:33 pm)
Oh SURE. Boomer pitches two shut-out games in a row and everyone is suddenly warming up to him. He hurts his foot and just as suddenly he's the worst deal made over the offseason. The only possible conclusion is that hurting yourself makes you a bad pitcher. WTF.

And I'm not all that surprised he wasn't doing too well even before the injury. He's said that in his first two starts, he was trying too hard to impress. I'm thinking something similar happened last night - after all, there's no pressure whatsoever in facing a team that you just shut out for eight innings in your last start. That's stupid timing, and I bet anything he was all keyed up and overstimulated last night.

In that vein, I don't have high expectations for Clement tonight, either, because it's the very same situation for him. And I'm sure the Orioles will be every bit as aggressive tonight as they were last night.

On a less doomsaying note, I watched SportsDesk this morning while I was getting ready for work, and they were obliging enough to show a clip of the Tigers/Twins brawl. Then when I was flipping through the Boston Herald, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely picture of angry!Pudge. (This is how you can tell it was a slow night in the AL.) So, I'm fairly satisfied in that department.

Eep, the Red Sox/Tigers series starts Monday. So, starting Monday and lasting through Thursday, I will be a CRAZY PERSON. No, I mean even more so. I'm all excited to watch the Tigers, but I'm not so much pleased about the part where one of my teams has to lose. On the other hand, one of my teams has to win. Yeah. I'll try to go with that perspective.
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( Apr. 25th, 2005 08:47 pm)
Note to self:

Standings math is: )

Just logging for future reference, nothing to see here, unless you also want to know how to calcuate the standings.

Oh, two Sox pitchers injured this far. Hey Boomer, Mantei, let's not spend any time on the DL, 'kay?

On the other hand, Embree is warming now, and frankly, if the injuries continue, at least we won't miss him too much.

Edit: And Embree promptly Ks Surhoff. Note to self part the second: Make pointless snarky comments about players just as they come into the game more often.
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( Apr. 24th, 2005 12:17 pm)
So I got home about an hour after the game started. And, since I had the cable guy hook up the living room too, I was able to turn on the game.

Ohhh, it felt good to watch baseball. And this game? Was CRAZY.

Manny hit by pitch! Manny gets home run immediately thereafter!

Pitch aimed near Papi's head!


Trotter! Blaine Neal! Brazelton!

Arroyo's first deliberate hit-by-pitch!

Most half-assed brawl ever!

Payton's grand slam!

Papi gets a homer!

The Devil Rays' relief sucks astounding amounts of wind!

And we win, 11-3. Now that's more like it.

And I think Blaine Neal gets to be king for today. I loved how, when Trot and Brazelton were getting into it, Neal forced his way between them and helped get Trot off the field. No thoughts of violence, just focused on protecting Trot and getting the situation under control. It's entirely possible that he helped keep someone from getting hurt.

I also enjoyed listening to Jerry and Don talk about how obviously the Rays pitcher who aimed at Ortiz - whose name is LANCE CARTER, which is the best boyband hybrid name ever - was going to get ejected, and it seemed as though a Sox player would be ejected too, but they just COULDN'T imagine who it could possibly be.

Me, watching the footage of Trot racing onto the field just ahead of everyone else: "Trot?"

Jerry and Don: "Nope, not a clue, who on earth would they pull?"

Me, watching the replay of Trot lunging into the crowd at Carter, only to be derailed by Brazelton: " . . . Trot."

Jerry and Don: "Couldn't be Ortiz, he was restrained and never got into it, but who else is there?"

Me, watching the footage of Trot trying to get away from Neal and whoever else and get back into the fray: "TROT."

Jerry and Don, after the game resumes: "Hey, they pulled Trot Nixon. Huh."

Me: "Yeah, GO FIGURE."

God, I'm so glad I got cable in time for this. Being stuck listening to all that would have been torture.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2005 08:53 pm)
And the Sox lose to the Devil Rays again. By guess how many runs? Yeah. Schilling is starting to make me nervous. His three starts so far have not been great.

The ESPN scoreboard isn't showing the new standings yet, but I believe that this puts the Red Sox a game behind the Orioles for first place. (How, exactly, do we go from shutting out the Orioles twice in a row to losing to the Devil Rays twice in a row? Baseball is so weird.) Well, at least this means that the Yankees are now one and a half games behind the Devil Rays.

I'm sad that there was no Tigers game today. I miss them.

Standings: Red Sox ten wins eight losses, Orioles eleven wins seven losses. So, a game and a half behind?

Tomorrow I get cable. Can't wait to watch the Sox games instead of just listening to them. Hmm. Most of stuff is sitting around in boxes - I should go and at least shove them to the side so they don't get in the cable guy's way.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2005 04:45 pm)
There. Made me a Tigers icon. This is Pudge grinning hard enough to split his head open after last night's homer. Seemed appropriate for my first Tigers icon, as that homer made me realize that, wow, I've fallen as fast and hard for the Tigers as I did for the Red Sox. (Which means, incidentally, that the upcoming series between the two teams - May second through the fifth - might make my head blow up. I want them both to win. However, since it's a four-game series, they could split it. That would be okay.)

You know, it took that miserable loss of Game Seven in 2003 to make me realize how much I had come to love the Red Sox. To this day, I'm not sure if the devotion would have taken hold to such a degree if they had won. Or maybe I just wouldn't have realized it like I did - I mean, a win doesn't make you examine things like a loss does. But that was how it was brought home to me that I had truly come to love the team. Because even after that loss, I was hooked, and I was staying, and I couldn't wait for April.

But for the Tigers, it's a major hit at a crucial moment that brings home the love. Does this say anything about how I've evolved as a fan? Or is it a timing thing? If the Sox had won last night and I hadn't needed something to cheer me up, would it have made such an impact? The answer to that is probably yes, but I can't help wondering anyway.

Jesus, it's snowing in Detroit. So no Tigers game tonight. Ha, and up here people are bitching 'cos it's raining.

In news of other teams, [ profile] manderspander has brought it to my attention that the Yankees/Rangers game was a day game today. The final score? 10-2. The winners? NOT THE YANKEES.

I'm reading the play-by-play right now, and it is delicious. Errors. Pop-ups. Fly balls. Double plays. Meanwhile, the Rangers are getting hits. Singles. Doubles. Homers. Multiple-run homers. Wow.

All the Yankees can seem to do these days is walk. Well, at least A-Rod hit a single, so that's nice for him. Damn expensive single, though. Way to earn that paycheck, Princess.

And do you know the best part? Do you? Well, I'll tell you. The best part is that, according to my admittedly shaky standings math, the Yankees are in last place. They are behind the Devil Rays by half a game.

I'm going to repeat that in boldface now.

The Yankees are in last place. They are behind the Devil Rays by half a game.

I suddenly don't mind the Sox losing last night.

It has also come to my attention that the Astros, who also had a day game, lost to the Cardinals. By one run. 1-0 in the tenth inning. This is me officially giving up on my little ritual.

But you know what? I hardly even care.

Because the Yankees, finally and officially, truly and genuinely, logically and mathematically, SUCK.
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( Apr. 22nd, 2005 10:07 pm)
And the Sox tied it up. And then the freaking Devil Rays won with a freaking homer. Bleargh. Oh, and Embree gave up the homer. WHAT A FREAKING SURPRISE. Man, I can't even be bothered to swear properly.

Those two runs in the ninth were pretty cool, though, and involved my boy Bellhorn. And Vasquez laid down a sacrifice bunt for the second time in the game, which was a) cool and b) new, because I think the Sox bunted like twice last year. Not so much for bunting, this team.

Ugh, the Yankees just got two runs in the bottom of the ninth, now 5-3. Just you freaking watch. *seethe*

Okay. Deep breath. Happy thoughts. Tigers. Pudge. Homer. And holy shit, the Astros have brought it up to 6-8. Five runs in the sixth inning. Too bad I want to get some sleep. I'll have to wait till tomorrow for the final score. Oh, and Bernie Williams just flied out to end the game, so the Yankees lose after all.

And . . . wait, if the D-Rays won . . . I'll have to check the standings, but I think this makes them tied for last place again.

Yes. Yes, the Yankees and Devil Rays are tied for last place at seven wins and ten losses each.

The Tigers win, the Astros have apparently decided not to suck after all, and the Yankees are in the basement once more. The good definitely outweighs the bad here. I'm so glad I randomly picked up other teams to root for (and against). And I love the Tigers. And I also love the Red Sox. And I love my silly Astros, too.

And the Yankees suck. =D
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( Apr. 22nd, 2005 09:40 pm)

The Tigers were ahead for a while. And then the Twins tied it up. And then the Tigers were ahead by one. And then they put in the second relief guy, who promptly gave up a homer. And then it went into the tenth inning. And then Pudge got a homer. =D The end! Tigers pull it out, 5-4.

The awesomeness of this is magnified by the fact that my other teams aren't doing so hot tonight. The Astros are behind the stupid Cardinals 8-1 in the sixth (well, at least it's not by one run), and the Red Sox have apparently decided that the best way to celebrate a shut-out two-game series is to lose to the Devil Rays. Eighth inning, 2-4. I am not feeling the optimism here.

On the other hand, the Yankees are losing a whole lot to the Rangers, 5-1. Which reminds me: Maybe we're losing to the Devil Rays, but at least we're not doing it by four runs with our big scary overhyped ace on the mound.

But, overall, the Tigers are (not for the first time this season, either) the reason for my distinct lack of grumbly depression. I love the Tigers. And I love Pudge. =D

And if they don't fucking pull Mantei ASAP I am going to scream.

Edited to observe that A-Rod's primary contribution of late is to walk a whole lot. When he's not striking out. Too bad I love Bellhorn to pieces, because otherwise it might be funny to call the Princess Alex "Bellhorn" Rodriguez for a while. Boy, he sure is earning the hell out of that twenty-five million he'll be getting this year.

Oh yeah, and Mantei got a runner to hit into a double play. So I won't scream.
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( Apr. 21st, 2005 09:51 pm)
OH MY GOD YES. Red Sox win 1-0. 1-0. That is two shut-outs in a row, eighteen consecutive shut-out innings, against what was until about two minutes ago the number one team in the division. Our boys shut them down cold.

Like Wells last night, Clement went eight innings. And like Wells, Clement was awesome.

And, since that was a two-game series, that, children, was a sweep.

And I was worried about the Orioles why?

Next series: Playing the Devil Rays. Damn. I guess that means I can't root for them anymore, because when it comes right down to it, if I have to choose, I really do prefer seeing the Red Sox in first to seeing the Yankees in last.

One. Nothing. That is all.

Edit: Except to observe that a 1-0 game where the only run was scored in the second inning is kind of what it must be like to have a two and a half hour heart attack.
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( Apr. 21st, 2005 08:19 pm)
Note to self: When looking at baseball apparel, do not click on "Women's." Because, in a sports apparel store, "women's" translates as "here, have some pink." Ew.

The Tigers store has some seriously ugly merchandise. But I want this shirt. However, before I'm allowed to wear a team's clothing, I should have to be able to list the line-up and the pitching rotation, at minimum. This isn't a rule, but it should be. Anyway, I'm working on that.

Holy shit, the Sox just put together the best play ever to get Palmeiro out at the plate for the third out. At least, the guys at WEEI made it sound like the best play ever. It sounded really, really close, but it's entirely possible that everyone involved was just kind of leisurely wandering around. That's how the WEEI announcers like to do it; if they haven't given at least one fan a heart attack by the ninth inning, they haven't done their job.

Listening to further discussion, though, it sounds like it was incredibly close. And the Sox stay up on zip, because Trot and Millar can throw a ball, and Tek can catch it and apply a tag. <3

. . . I think I'm going to need a Tigers icon soon here.


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