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( Apr. 28th, 2005 05:31 pm)
Whoops. I promised petty, vindictive, suck-it-Princess fic, didn't I? But then I got drunk distracted and forgot to post it. I'm not feeling especially vindictive anymore, but I wasted the receipt tape and all, so here it is. Like the Tigers ficlet, is it sans header 'cos it's too short to bother.

NOTE THE FIRST: Takes place in the same universe as "Clown" and "Looking." Obviously the night of the Most Annoying Game Ever.
NOTE THE SECOND: Disclaimer. Fiction. I'll take a crazy leap and assume that maybe, just maybe, A-Rod was in a pretty good mood after the game, but everything else in here I made up. I am making no implications about anyone mentioned in this fic. Please not to be suing for libel, kthx.

After the game, Alex is flying high. )
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( Apr. 26th, 2005 06:17 pm)
Right. So I read this article last night, in which Pudge claims that he was really just being nice to the opposing pitcher and was misinterpreted. Totally. Just sweet as can be. What, you don't believe him?

Yeah, me either. (What an awesome weekend for bullshit - Trot was giving Brazelton information, Arroyo was pitching inside and he missed, and Pudge was being nice. I am way too amused.) So I was thinking about that at work today, and I ended up having to spool out the receipt tape.

It's so short that it's not even worth a header, so just a couple of notes.

NOTE THE FIRST: Dedicated to [ profile] offspeed and [ profile] americanleaguer, who have both pestered given me information encouraged me to write Tigerslash the very millisecond I felt up for it. Uh, apparently I'm up for it. Who knew? I was certainly surprised.
NOTE THE SECOND: In other news, this is fiction and is intended to imply nothing about anyone mentioned. Or anyone not mentioned. Or anyone at all ever. 'Cos it's fiction.

Teeny Tigers ficlet ahoy! )

Those of you who would know, tell me the truth: Is it any good, or should I keep with the "wait till I know more about them" plan?
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( Apr. 24th, 2005 03:11 pm)
TITLE: "Wild Pitch"
AUTHOR: Cathryn (
RATING: R for language and teh m/m
PAIRING: Alex Rodriguez/Kevin Brown
SUMMARY: In which Kevin Brown has a temper and Alex Rodriguez is oblivious.
NOTES: Takes place after the Yankees/Rangers game on Friday, April 22. Kevin Brown was the starting pitcher. He sucked a whole lot.
NOTES THE SECOND: Thanks to [ profile] piney61 for attempting to help me with a title. =D
DISCLAIMER: Total fiction. Didn't happen. Not intended to imply anything about anyone mentioned. If you think otherwise, you need to go out and get some air.

Everyone knows by now to steer clear of Kevin after a bad game. )
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( Apr. 22nd, 2005 08:34 pm)
Took my very first trip to the corner laundromat today. Thought it would be a tedious pain in the ass, but time flies when you're ficcing. (Surprisingly, writing Yankeeslash in a laundromat is not as surreal is you'd think.)

TITLE: "Looking"
AUTHOR: Cathryn (
PAIRING(S): *takes a deep breath* Derek Jeter/Tino Martinez, Jorge Posada/Alex Rodriguez, implied Jeter/Rodriguez, implied Jeter/Posada, distantly implied Jeter/Nomar Garciaparra
RATING: PG-13 for RPS occurences
SUMMARY: Jorge is done watching.
NOTES: A follow-up of sorts to "Clown," but can also be read as a stand-alone fic.
DISCLAIMER: It's all fiction. Never happened, not currently happening, never will happen, implies nothing about any of the people mentioned. No libel to see here, folks, move it along.

Tino and Derek are standing in a corner of the locker room, talking quietly. )


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