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( Sep. 26th, 2010 05:17 pm)
Yesterday I watched the Red Sox-Yankees game with my grandmother. I haven't seriously watched baseball in a long time - my attention span finally gave out, plus I probably burned myself out on it a little. I was reading some of my old entries last night, some of them are pretty intense. While baseball had my attention, it had ALL my attention, and some of the teams I followed (of COURSE I followed more than one at a time, see above in re: attention span) were absolutely insane and exhausting. I'm not sure how I didn't lose my damn mind. Actually, I think I did a few times.

But anyway, I still get game score alerts for my teams, and since my grandmother has become an ardent Red Sox fan in the last couple of years, watching a game with her is a lot of fun. Except I still don't pay much attention overall, and you know what? Baseball may still be kind of static in my head, but it's moved on.

A lot of guys are in the wrong damn uniforms these days. The Yankees need to stop signing/trading for players I still love, what the hell. Curtis Granderson got a homerun yesterday and I couldn't decide whether to cheer or swear. And I see you in those pinstripes, Lance Berkman, don't you think for a second that you can hide.

But anyway. Seeing some familiar faces got me all nostalgic, and I ended up spending entirely too much time reading a slew of entries from some certain old RP journals. (Hey, [ profile] americanleaguer, did we ever talk about this in any depth? It seems like we should have, but I can't remember!) So out of curiosity, I Googled Bondo.

And I . . . I really picked the right day to do that.

When potential free agent Jeremy Bonderman was asked if he feels he'll be back, he replied "honestly, probably not."

Brandon Inge hopes Jeremy Bonderman won't call it a career. (I see Inge is still the go-to guy for a few quotes. Heh.)

This is probably old news to everyone else, but I am WTFing. Jeremy Bonderman, if you end up in pinstripes, I am going to be so mad at you.
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( Oct. 6th, 2009 10:09 pm)

Oh, Tigers.

I'm really glad I'm not as invested in baseball as I used to be right about now.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 04:46 pm)
And speaking of ridiculous, one of those papers I'm finally getting in gear on is about the baseball teams I followed in 2005. (It's gonna be thirty pages by the time I'm done, and we're workshopping these. Everyone is going to hate me so hard. But whatever, that's what happens when my instructor basically tells me to write a shitty first draft and put down everything that my brain vomits up.) And you know, I tend to refer to the 2005 Tigers as a giant soap opera, but, unless I take a few minutes to really dredge it up, I forget how fucking insane that team really was.

Highlights include!

* Signing Magglio Ordoñez, putting language in his contract to protect the team from his bad knees, and losing him for half the season to a HERNIA about five seconds after the press conference.

* Signing Troy Percival, losing him immediately to injury, using Ugueth Urbina to close games, getting Percival back, trading Urbina two days later after he caused trouble on the team plane, Percival getting himself re-injured and never playing as a Tiger again, using Kyle Farnsworth to close, and then trading Farnsworth and having NO ONE to close. It doesn't QUITE rival the 2007 A's Ongoing Catching Saga for sheer psychosis, but only because nobody was actually told to avoid preparing for a role that they were subsequently asked to fill.

* Ugueth Urbina later being charged with attempted murder in his home country of Venezuela, where he is currently serving a fourteen year sentence. No, I'm not making that up. Go ahead and read it again. I'll wait.

* And let's not forget Roman Colón, one of the players we got for Farnsworth, going berserk last year and breaking the Mud Hens catcher's face. Neither of these things technically occurred in 2005, but they really augment the overall madness quite nicely.

* The brawl with the Royals. This remains one of my top five moments in baseball. "Kyle Farnsworth with a big-time takedown!"

* The entire team pretty much packing it in a month early, leading me to wish that the season would freaking end already so that the torment would stop.

* Jeremy Bonderman being shut down for the season for elbow problems with about a month to go. He would later admit that the elbow had been bothering him SINCE SPRING TRAINING.

* Pudge Rodriguez laying the blame for the team's sucky play as his teammates' feet.

I still feel as though I'm forgetting things. And let's not forget that I was ALSO following two other teams at the time, both of which made it to the postseason and one of which made it all the way to the World Series. How did I not just have a complete fucking nervous breakdown during the season? It's little wonder that I gave up on devoting equal attention to three teams after that. I burned out.
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( Dec. 13th, 2007 01:26 pm)
Reasons why the distractions of RP and finals have been a blessing in the past week:

* Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's. Terry freaking Pratchett. The great big fucking genius himself. I don't even know what to say about that. I love Pterry. Most of my books are in storage, and I fail at getting things in to the library on time, so when I'm broke and my late fees are absurd, it's the ten or so Discworld novels in my possession that I read over and over. I never get tired of them. Terry and Discworld have made a profound impression on my literary tastes and, because of the insights of his satire, the way I interpret the world. I know life isn't fair, but - this is so unfair. Why is it Pterry?

* Evil baseball trades. That this is coming underneath an item about Alzheimer's says a great deal about my ability to see things in perspective, but hell. Too many of my boys are gone now. Something else I don't need to be thinking too hard about.

* Money stress. I'd rather not get into this. Let's just say that my financial situation has been most dire, and the thing I was counting on for relief has been delayed an extra week and a half. Thank god for helpful relatives and selling back textbooks.

* Anticipating the Mitchell report. (For the non-baseball folks on the list, the Mitchell report is regarding steroids, and when properly relased later today, will include a list of names of players who are confirmed as steroid users. I don't expect a lot of surprises, but there will be names on it that have been very dear to me since I got into baseball four years ago.) Some of the names have allegedly been leaked. Do not want. Thanks to aforementioned distractions, it's barely been on my radar, but today is the day to face up and make some decisions on how far my fan loyalty goes.

Those of you I've been roleplaying with, thank you. Having something exciting to think about has been keeping my sanity intact. That's hardly new, but in this past week or two it has been crucial in keeping me from backsliding into sheer panic.

And finals? Well. How can I worry about steroids and trades when I have to write papers and memorize a monologue and study for a final exam in my worst subject? This has been some most fortuitous timing.
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( Nov. 9th, 2007 09:31 am)
Brought to my attention by [ profile] ayrdaomei:

You know that throwaway bit in The Boondock Saints, where one of the guys tells someone, "Keep the faith, man," and the answer he receives is, "Fuckin' blow me."?

I think that dude put together the Yankees 2008 schedule placeholder.

Click it while you can; I assume it's a hack job and will be gone before I have time to upload the snapshot I took. At least, that I hope I took. I'm not sure it saved and I don't have time to check. I'll keep the tab open for later.
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 12:16 am)
Grandpa, the whole time you were alive, your Red Sox won the World Series once. Just once in your almost eighty-three years.

Tonight they won their second title in four years. I wish you were here to see it. I love you.
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( Oct. 16th, 2007 10:50 pm)
So today I got a chance to go see a play. My Intro to Theatre class requires two reviews of professional productions, and one of the theatres downtown offers a "pay what you can" night a couple times during each run. I happened to run into a classmate who mentioned that she was going to pick up her ticket, so I jumped on the chance (because, two professional productions? Not a cheap assignment) to have her pick up one for me too.

This made my long day even longer - on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm awake at six-fifteen and don't get home until around five as it is, and the play started at seven-thirty - but man, was it worth it. The play was The Piano Lesson, by August Wilson. It got off to an extremely slow start, but once it clicked into gear, it was fantastic. I have no idea where to start with my review. I'm going to need to let it all settle for a few days first.

Bonus: I was at a play instead of watching the game. The wailing and rending of garments on the flist makes me see annoying Boy Willie in a whole new light. Thanks, Boy Willie, for not being the Red Sox pitching staff!
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 02:04 pm)

"I just think I'm not in the mood to make a decision right now," Piazza said. "You have to detach yourself, take a step back. It's impossible to make a decision when you're in the washing machine - you've got to get out and dry off. You never make a good decision when you're emotionally charged."

Translated from Diplomatese: "OMG I HATE IT HERE I HAVE TO ESCAPE HELP ME PLEEEEEEZE." You know he's going to be looking back for his inevitable memoirs all, "Yeah, and then there was the year in Oakland. Next!"

In other news, I have had my computer back for a while and am still waiting on the new keyboard, and I don't feel like making a bunch of posts in Kendraspeak (do you guys have ANY IDEA how often G and H show up in English? I hope you never have to find out), so my usual too-long-between posts has a reason this time. On the plus side, going without a computer for a weekend, and counting myself lucky that the worst it did schoolwise was make me late for class because I had to type something, inspired me to finally see about getting my beloved iBook fixed. Man, did I fuck that up hardcore when it first broke! I did everything stupid you can do when your computer craps the bed and you don't know the first thing about getting it fixed. I shall not dwell, but it would appear that I cost myself a good chunk of cash that would been better thrown at, oh, I don't know, overdue bills that ended up in collections. ANYWAY. I am wiser and more learned now, so this time I found an Apple-certified repairperson in town and took it there. I'm gonna be out three-forty for a new logicboard, plus she recommended a hefty memory upgrade, BUT WHATEVER I WILL HAVE MY MAC BACK. And when I EVENTUALLY get the new keyboard (free, hooray for having the brains to buy a plan with Circuit City when I got the Compaq - the learning process started fairly quickly), I will have a backup computer. That way, when the Mac inevitably breaks down in the middle of a major project, I will only be partially screwed when I realize that I neglected to save it to a CD! I will also be using the Compaq for my MP3 player, because I do not have and do not want an iPod, and for all its awesomeness, Apple sucks like that when it comes to those of us who dare own a Macintosh computer and a non-Apple MP3 player.

So that is my computer situation. I am happy with my school situation, as all my classes this semester appear to be good, and I could probably spend a paragraph on each of them, but I will spare the three of you still reading. I will point out only that we are reading Hamlet right now in Intro to Theatre. I have adored that play since I decided to give it another try during my Kenneth Branagh phase - I found I couldn't watch his movie cold, so decided to reread the play, which hadn't done a lot for me in sophomore English, only to discover that it was awesome and I couldn't put it down - and I am thrilled to finally be studying it again now that I appreciate it.

I also have a sleep situation. As in, not getting any. (SLEEP. Not getting any SLEEP.) This is my fault, since I stay up too late at night when I have to get up for classes, and not for schoolwork either. But whatever, I'll live. I'd be confused if I found myself on campus fully rested, anyway.

I have a baseball situation, too. It is TENSION.

Dear baseball gods,

Can't one of my (contending) teams run away with the division/wild card just ONCE? Why do you do this to me EVERY YEAR? HATE.

Ulcerously yours,

I think that about covers it. Dunno when I'll be posting again. Hopefully that keyboard comes in soon. Then it's just a matter of navigating out to Circuit City, which, between the bus schedule, classes, and work, is a treat and a half. There are, like, two four-hour chunks of time a week when I can actually go. Oh, well. Soon it will all be over. Then the Compaq will be - well, mostly dusty, because at this rate I'll get my iBook back first.
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( Aug. 28th, 2007 12:35 pm)
I spent an hour in line getting textbooks today. No, not because of messy handling or hordes of students. Because the power went out and the computers were down for forty-five minutes. It was kind of fun, actually. After all the impatient grumblers split, the rest of us hung out and made jokes. Plus, the employees handed out Tootsie Pops. Free candy never goes amiss.

(On the other hand . . . HOW TO TELL YOU ARE AN ADULT: You eat a lollipop, and then wish you had your toothbrush because the sugar is coating your mouth, then realize five years ago you would have thought that was lame.)

In the alarming lulz department, Marco Scutaro has a death wish.

Marco Scutaro went for his MRI on Monday but declined to have the exam because he felt claustrophobic in the tube. He was in the lineup anyway and hopes to continue playing despite recent bouts with dizziness that might be linked to vertigo.

He spoke of continued "ringing in my ear" and expressed concerns about his brain. But he said, "I feel fine - I guess that stuff comes and goes," and he took the field as the starting shortstop.

If he experiences further dizziness, the A's might try an MRI again.

"One day, I hope the ringing will go away," said Scutaro, who went 0-for-6.

OH MY GOD. He is having DIZZINESS and RINGING IN HIS EARS but yeah, fuck the MRI. Dizziness and ringing, the shit comes and goes. And lord knows the decision not to have it checked out isn't a worryingly illogical and potentially harmful choice that could maybe be a symptom of something more severe. Marco, I really hope you don't have a stroke or anything.
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( Aug. 25th, 2007 03:15 am)
A Tigers/Yankees observation:

We are in the eleventh at quarter past three in a game that STARTED at eleven.

Fuck the HECK, you guys?!


That was totally worth being so tired I could puke. I love you Carlos.
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( Aug. 24th, 2007 10:44 pm)
Buffy: Was it sudden? Your mother?
Tara: No. Yes. It's always sudden.

I realized it's been a week since my last post, so I thought I'd post to let you all know that I'm still around and sane. I haven't collapsed into a grief-stricken catatonia or anything. I'm doing okay - lot going on to keep me busy, with the still newish job and all.

I saw my doctor last week to address some back problems I've had for years but haven't been too bad, until this job. The way I stand when I'm washing dishes or making pizza or a hundred other things is exactly the posture that makes it flare up, and it's aggravated so badly now that I have to stop working every now and then to bend over and try to stretch it out a little. He gave me some exercises to do to strengthen the muscles, so hopefully that will help.

We also discussed my ADD medication. I was taking Adderall, which has such a short life that I found myself occasionally taking a second dose to keep the effects through my nine-hour shifts. I have ADD, and the medication really helps to keep me focused. I thought about it and realized that even though I won't be working the long shifts during the semester, I'm going to have some long days on campus where a single dose just wouldn't cut it. I was thinking of perhaps altering my prescription to include a second smaller dose, but instead he put me on Adderall XR. It does what Adderall does, but it lasts hours longer, plus it doesn't hit my bloodstream like a quadruple espresso delivered by a Mack truck. (Seriously, that first hour or so after a dose? Exactly what you'd expect speed to be like. I do not miss it.) It's so much better than the regular Adderall. I'm really happy with it.

And then a few days later I got my hair cut into possibly the best cut I've ever had. It's just a simple chin-length layered bob, but it is insanely flattering and perfect for the type of hair I had. The stylist commented on how she didn't have to do any real styling because it fell right into place. Then I went home and dyed it auburn, which is also working really nicely. There will be photos when I can find the motivation to snap a million of them.

(Side note: I kept my hair black for about four years, from sixteen to twenty. No reason [read: it was not a wannabe goth phase] - I just liked it. Grandpa hated it. It wasn't natural. He always had something to say about it whenever he saw me, but I blew it off, because whatever, my hair. Once he even offered to give me a kelly green t-shirt of his if I would dye my hair that color. I suspect he'd like the auburn better, by which I mean he'd say, "At least it's not black. That looked awful." Thank goodness none of us grandkids ever had the urge to go pink or blue.)

Work is work. I like the job pretty well, but I think I'd fall asleep typing about it and you'd all skip reading it. Suffice it to say that I work with some great people, I get to work with food, and it beats the everloving hell out of my old job.

Classes start again on Monday. I am so excited. I've been looking forward to them since about two weeks after last semester ended, because it turns out that when I am learning voluntarily, I am a giant school geek. Plus, I have some cool classes. I'm taking Intro to Theater (which is an English credit, score), Sport Psychology (the entire reason I took Psych was because it was a prereq for this class), and Spanish II. I am also taking Biology to fulfill the science requirement, which bleah, I hated Bio in high school and needed three tries to pass it because my apathy ran deep, and I'm taking it on Saturdays in like three hour chunks plus labs so double bleah, but, since I go to a community college and they hire a lot of retired teachers and the like, the instructor is actually a teacher I had in high school! I liked him. All, um, two or three or eighteen times I had him until I finally passed a class to get the science credit. (Getting the science credits I needed to graduate high school was like pulling teeth. I was having problems with major burnout from then-undiagnosed ADD. I took math at the dummy level all three years I had to take it and was able to cruise through and get high enough grades to pass without a ton of effort, but the science classes needed more effort than I was willing/able to put into them.) Poor Mr Willink. I hope he didn't cry when he saw my name on the list. If nothing else, I will do my best in Biology because I owe him that much. He certainly put up with more than enough nonsense from me a few years ago.

I think that's about it, all the major stuff going on in the past week or next week. Also, I love Magglio Ordonez. You know, when Clemens was with the Astros, I was Rocket Poison. He lost every start that I watched, listened to, or thought about. I wonder if that still holds true.
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( Jul. 17th, 2007 08:41 pm)
Here's an interesting additional tidbit:

Kendall has a no-trade clause.

That puts an interesting new perspective on things. (I have this image of Kendall jumping at the chance to escape before something can go wrong for him, too, but that's probably fiction. Probably.)
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( Jul. 16th, 2007 08:55 pm)

The Chicago Cubs, looking for help at catcher, are closing in on a deal for Oakland's Jason Kendall, two sources told


For those of you who don't read/skim over my posts, HERE IS A RECAP OF THE A'S CATCHING SITUATION.

They traded their backup, Adam Melhuse.

They called up a kid from the minors, Kurt Suzuki.

They failed utterly in executing their badly-formed plan to have Piazza catch, since his shoulder is not up to strength and not likely to get that way in any reasonable amount of time.

So basically, they have Jason Kendall. Kendall has been having a disappointing year offensively, so I've heard his name in trade speculation once or twice, but but.

How is Rob Bowen an improvement? He's been doing even worse!

There has got to be something else going on here. If this goes through. This is insane. The logical trade would be to send Piazza to a team in need of a DH - and, given how Cust seems to have cooled off, even that might be a tad hasty. This makes no sense on any level.

. . . oh, man. Anyone wanna lay odds on them trying to make Piazza catch anyway?

We'll see how this plays out, but I'm thinking it might be time for an intervention in Oakland. Or at least time to make Beane upgrade to the good crack.

(Thanks to [ profile] beckla30 for the link.)

Edited to update like ten minutes later:

They did it.

And hey, here's a thing.

Contacted by phone early Monday evening, A's general manager Billy Beane confirmed the deal but would not reveal the name of the player being acquired in exchange for Kendall. has learned that the player is a Minor League left-handed pitcher.

That article says nothing about Bowen, but the Cubs article does and names the pitcher as a Jerry Blevins.

Let's read on, shall we?

Beane said the decision to deal Kendall wasn't easy given Kendall's rapport with Oakland's promising collection of young pitchers, headlined by Dan Haren, Joe Blanton and Chad Gaudin, but noted that rookie Kurt Suzuki appears ready for "baptism by fire."

"We've always been an organization that's given young guys a chance, and we think Kurt deserves a chance right now," Beane said of Suzuki, who was batting .269 in 10 games with Oakland through Sunday.



This is killing me. This is so bad. I can't even gather my thoughts.
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( Jul. 14th, 2007 01:21 pm)
So, usually I leave the injury analysis to people who have, like, the first clue what they're talking about when it comes to anatomy. Because seriously, I have no clue. I don't know which bone is connected to which bone. I mentally smile and nod when Sam at Blue Cats and Red Sox/Roar of the Tigers writes entries about injuries complete with lovely color-coded diagrams to help the scientifically-impaired like myself grasp what she is talking about.

But I had to dive in and do a little poking around in the subject myself, and what I found isn't exactly rocket science.

Backing up for a second. Since Rich Harden's return to the DL, there has been discussion of how much of his lengthy injury history is his body being fragile and how much might be attributable to the Oakland medical staff. By "discussion," I of course mean, "a thread in a friend's locked journal entry," but it caught my attention.

As some of you know, I've been following the Ongoing A's Catching Saga, in which there has been a couple new developments with Mike Piazza in the last couple of days. These are the first new things to happen since my entry about a month ago. The past month has mostly contained the occasional, "Yeah, we're working on the shoulder, but it's not really coming along to throwing strength as fast as we'd like." A few days ago, though, Piazza's agent finally had a little chat with Billy Beane about the whole thing, and lo and behold, Piazza finally started rehabbing for real - as a DH - yesterday in Sacramento. (I also found an interesting observation here about the possibility of the players' union getting involved: "Since the A's signed Piazza strictly as a DH over the winter and he has been ready to hit since mid-June, there's some thought that the union might have grounds for a grievance if Piazza's return is delayed much longer." I wonder if that came up during that little chat.)

In other words, Piazza lost a month of his season trying to rehabilitate to throwing strength a shoulder that was not even catching-ready before his injury, as he had been told specifically during Spring Training not to bother keeping himself in catching shape. And this decision was made at the last possible minute (seriously, Piazza didn't even get the message that they wanted to have him extend his recovery time until he was practically out the door on his way to rehab at Sacramento the first time), so he was not working to come back from the injury with an eye toward catching until almost two months after he hurt his shoulder in the first place. I don't know anything about physical therapy, but that sounds damn sloppy to me. The abrupt change of tune on the catching is just amazingly bad planning - like, hilariously bad - and the injury was bad luck. But, considering that they did in fact make the decision to have Piazza be backup catcher several days before the injury, why not rehab him with that in mind from the beginning? Especially since they freaking traded Melhuse and there was no guarantee that Kurt Suzuki would do in the majors anything approaching what he had done in the minors? There is a lot of wasted time here, and last I heard, Piazza's shoulder is still bothering him when he works it too hard. How severe does a sprain have to be to still be causing problems two and a half months after the fact? With more organized management of his recovery, could he have been back and catching by now? (These are not rhetorical questions. I welcome any answers anyone might have.)

So these are things I am thinking about in the last couple of days, wondering if Harden and Piazza are in fact the victims of crackmonkeys with medical training, when, tucked into the latest article about Piazza's rehab assignment, I find this little tidbit:

Little has been heard from lefty Brad Halsey since he slammed the A's for not properly diagnosing an arm problem he had this spring and for not calling him up for a potential start at Baltimore. On Tuesday, noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews performed surgery to repair a torn labrum in Halsey's left shoulder. Halsey said he can begin throwing again in four months and be ready for spring training.

Halsey said he has filed a grievance against the A's with the players association over the handling of his injury. He said he was told the problem was biceps tendinitis and he was not given an MRI exam when he requested one. Halsey contends the matter wasn't attended to properly until he was no longer on the big-league roster, which cost him both his big-league salary and major-league service time.

OH MY GOD. He said he was told the problem was biceps tendinitis and he was not given an MRI exam when he requested one. Oh. my. GOD.

And this is where my intro about me and injury analysis comes in, because I had to check this shit out. How, I wanted to know, could a torn labrum be mistaken for biceps tendinitis? The labrum is in the shoulder and the bicep is in the arm, right?

Sort of. The biceps tendon is connected to the labrum, and an injury to the labrum can involve the tendon as well. A torn labrum can be confused with any number of other shoulder injuries. So a diagnosis of biceps tendinitis is not unreasonable, which gets the A's medical crackmonkeys off the hook, right?

NO. Because he is a pitcher, which involves exactly the sort of repetitive motion that can tear the shit out of his labrum, it is not exactly an unheard-of injury, AND THEY WOULDN'T GIVE HIM AN MRI. OH MY GOD.

Creepily enough, the med staff might not even be entirely to blame for this one. If you believe Halsey's side of the story, the A's deliberately delayed the MRI until he was in the minors just to avoid paying him a major league salary if he ended up on the DL. Which, in late April, he did. Given everything I've outlined here already, guess whose side I'm on?

At this point, that entire organization breaks my brain. I want to kidnap my favorite A's and squirrel them away in Detroit and Boston, where the med staffs may not be perfect, but the disabled lists have not been used seventeen times already. RUN, BOYS. RUN.

I would like to conclude by briefly revisiting the Harden question. His official diagnosis at the moment is "shoulder impingement," which I looked up while I was getting all carried away with the research, and damn if that doesn't look to my inexpert eye like something that could be confused with a torn labrum. He did, however, receive diagnosis from a doctor not on the A's staff. I am still disinclined to hold my breath.

By the way, anyone who knows better than I do what the hell I am talking about is more than welcome to chime in and correct any errors I've made.
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( Jun. 30th, 2007 09:21 pm)
I also enjoy how there were three posts in a row about Scott Proctor's little pyromania episode.

I've been waiting some time (as have many of us) for his arm to just come flying right off due to Torre treating him like the only freaking pitcher in the Yankee bullpen. The setting things on fire I did not so much foresee.

Now Farnsworth is sitting back all, "And I'm in trouble for throwing a glove?"
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( Jun. 29th, 2007 07:25 pm)
OMG Alan Embree and I have the same birthday. Why did I go so long without knowing this? Oh, Alan Embree. No wonder I was inexplicably sad when the Red Sox dumped you even though you suuuuuucked. And also no wonder you continue to keep popping up on teams I keep an eye on for one reason or another.

Yup, that makes me, Alan Embree, MacGyver, and Kelly from Saved by the Bell. January twenty-third REPRESENT.

This has been today's pointless spam post.
Make up my mind already, would you, A's?

So first, the A's sign Piazza, except he's totally only DHing and he's not gonna do any catching like NO WAY RILLY WE SWEAR. Their manager, Bob Geren, went to far as to tell Piazza not to worry too much about working on his catching during Spring Training. Because he completely wasn't gonna be catching. At all.

This lasts for a couple months. Then, Dan Johnson returns from an injury, so the A's send their backup catcher, Adam Melhuse, down to AAA, leaving guess who to be the new backup? Why, one Michael Piazza! Melhuse and Piazza, the only two people on the planet who did not see this coming, are stunned. And we can all imagine the intensive tear Piazza went on to get himself back up to snuff, and how secretly grateful he was that Jason Kendall takes a day off, like, never.

Said tear lasts for approximately twelve seconds, as Piazza is injured in the beginning of May, resulting in Jack Cust being called up. Cust goes on a tear of his own, hitting about 742 homers in a week. He settles down shortly thereafter, but continues to contribute steadily, showing no sign of Chris Shelton Syndrome.

Then the A's make a Shocking Trade!, sending Melhuse to Texas in exchange for "cash considerations." Melhuse, who has played twelve times to date and started only six games, is so ecstatic he doesn't even try to hide it in interviews.

But Piazza, though getting pretty close to returning, is still injured! What now? Kurt Suzuki, that's what. The A's call up Suzuki, a rookie who's been making waves in the minors, to play backup catcher, and seem pretty set on keeping him around.

So that, I figure, is that. Contrary to my expectations, the A's will apparently not be finding a way to ignore their extensive initial protestations and have Piazza do some catching. Impressive.


OAKLAND -- A's designated hitter Mike Piazza was all set to make a trip to Sacramento to begin a rehab assignment for his ailing right shoulder.

That plan has now been changed.

Piazza did not go up to Sacramento, but instead will wait for his shoulder to feel good enough to throw.

So you might be wondering, why would a DH wait for his shoulder to feel good enough to throw?

Well, the A's are now planning to bring Piazza back as the full-time DH and as the backup catcher to Jason Kendall [...].


Apparently, the A's are very keen on keeping Cust around, and figure this to be the best way to do so and get maximum bang for their buck contribution from Piazza, as well. I have no idea how they're going to work that, especially with several other injured hitters working their way back. How many DHs are they going to have? Will Cust be playing other positions? Are they going to make Kendall take more time off to get Piazza behind the plate more? (And would Piazza's joints tolerate such a thing for long before just snapping right in half? The entire reason he switched leagues to DH was because his body couldn't take the strain anymore.) And what the fuck are they gonna do with Suzuki?

God, this is going to be interesting. I may have to pop some popcorn for this one.
catslash: (Justin)
( Jun. 12th, 2007 09:27 pm)

No. Fucking. Hitter. I would like to cordially invite all the people who went on about a sophomore slump to FUCKING SUCK IT.

I am just crazed. After Curt's game last week, I was amped to eleven. I spent much of the game playing Kingdom of Loathing and just listening to the Detroit broadcast. Until the top of the eighth, when I realized I didn't know how many hits the Brewers had gotten and went to go check.


It took me a minute to even register that. And man, I'm glad I hadn't noticed before, because I was instantly so nervous I thought I might throw up.

So I immediately went right the fuck back to playing KoL and listening. As IF I was going to change a single thing I was doing. Stopping to watch the game would have been DEATH.

And Rod and Mario! The Detroit announcers! I could kiss them both right on the mouth for keeping said mouths the fuck shut. They talked about Justin's Ks (twelve!! by the time the game was over) and THAT WAS IT. No dancing around the subject, and sure as shit no saying the fucking words. Professionals all the way. After listening to the Boston radio announcers jinx Curt to hell and back - god bless Rod and Mario.

And LOVE for Neifi Perez. He executed an outstanding play to start a doubleplay that just narrowly - by one step - prevented a hit in the eight. BLESS. I love you Neifi and shall defend you and your black hole bat of doom forthwith, because that no hitter dies in the eighth without you.

And the offense, especially crazy-ass Brandon Inge with his two RBI, for scoring enough runs to give everyone one less thing to worry about.

And JUSTIN! What do I even say? One hundred twelve pitches. Twelve Ks. Four walks (enough to keep from feeling cheated out of perfection). AND NO FUCKING HITS. Justin Verlander, you have been one of my favorite pitches since you came up. This was an amazing experience. Thank you. Now go get blasted on your teammates' nickels, kid. You've more than earned it.

Final score: 4-0 Tigers. And their first no hitter since 1984. And I am totally not misting up at all.
catslash: (where the fuck)
( Jun. 9th, 2007 07:02 pm)
I feel like playing with the camera in my phone. So, what would you like to see a picture of? Remember, the camera is not great, so anything involving fine detail won't come out well.

And thanks to [ profile] foozled_up for reminding me that this meme exists.

And no thanks to Fernando Rodney. Just because. Hate.
catslash: (tigers clinch)
( Jun. 9th, 2007 03:55 pm)

So much for getting anything done outside the house today.


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