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( Sep. 19th, 2006 01:22 pm)
Hi, Red Sox! If you guys could kick the Twinkies' asses, that would be really great and very helpful. Remember: the key is not to let them win. The Tigers will thank you. With orgies chocolate.
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( Sep. 17th, 2006 01:27 pm)
Rod Allen's theory on why the Red Sox suck now: Kebmillah and Damon are gone so we "tightened up," and now "the Yankees are running away with the division." I love you, Rod. Never change.
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( Sep. 4th, 2006 10:30 pm)

I am so proud. At least one ex-Tiger is proving himself in Boston. Walkoff freaking homerun, and against the White Sox, no less! Your former teammates thank you. =D

Also, Red Sox win! That needs to happen a little more often plz.
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( Sep. 1st, 2006 10:10 pm)
So I finish watching the Tigers wreck the Angels and I click over to my friendslist and find oh my god Papelbon is injured now!? It is official. With the millions of injuries and the depressing trades and the cancer, the Red Sox are having a far, far worse August/September than the '05 Tigers did. That is a difficult accomplishment and not one to strive for. Man. This is sort of passing beyond blackly amusing into the realm of the pathetic, and I mean that in the original sense of the word. Well. At least they won tonight?

Awwwww Trupe is interviewing Kyle Snyder. He's all nervous and stuttery. *pets him*
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( Sep. 1st, 2006 06:44 pm)
Three things just happened in very quick succession.

* I agreed to go in to Cumby's on Monday. I was not looking forward to three solid days of nothing to do, so this works for me, and apparently things kind of imploded there after I left. Someone stopped showing up and finally got her ass fired (two months too late if you ask, oh, EVERYONE who works there), and someone else got a better job and is leaving (good for her! She has three kids and is pregnant, so she definitely needs this and I am really happy for her).

* The news came out about Jon Lester. Lymphoma. Cancer. I don't even know what to say about that. He's just a kid. (For those who don't follow baseball, Jon's a rookie pitcher for the Red Sox. He was with the Sea Dogs, our local minor league team, last year, and I saw him pitch his first professional complete game.) The good news is, it's treatable.

* And as I reeled from that, I got a shipping notification for a BPAL order. This would normally be cause for great excitement and would make the day unusual all on its own.

God, and as I was writing about Jon Lester, the radio started playing the Snakes on a Plane song, and I just saw SoaP a couple days ago, so I started laughing and crying at once. I don't even know, man, just a bunch of weird.
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( Aug. 31st, 2006 10:23 pm)
OKAY OKAY. I give. Five Things meme. You've seen it, you know the format, I'm too lazy to track it down. Lay 'em on me.

Also, did the Red Sox just win? Aren't they odd. ♥
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( Aug. 31st, 2006 04:17 pm)
Oh, how nice. I stuck around campus for three hours and then headed to Psych, only to find a note stuck in the door announcing that the class had been cancelled. I could have used that time to go to the bank to see about that loan. Oh, well.

In other news, Julian Tavarez is starting tonight. My plans for the evening just changed completely. I shall do my algebra now and reward myself with a visit to the bar and much ensuing amusement at Tavarez's expense.

This, of course, means that Boomer has been traded, likely to the Padres, and that makes me sad but I wish him the best of luck and I'm glad he'll get to finish out his career (probably) with a team that is not actively imploding.

As white flags go, though, damn. Trading Boomer, starting Tavarez - it makes the Farnsworth trade look like a subtle hint. I'm actually looking forward to the rest of this season, because that is precisely the sort of sense of humor I have.
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( Aug. 19th, 2006 12:25 am)
This is like, the best game ever. This is what happens when you have two high-powered offenses facing really shitty pitching. Also, breaking the time record for ninth inning games! I am so entertained.

Of course, I just endured the workshift from hell and I am just glad to be home with beer. And listening to a game. If the game involves the Red Sox playing their very worst against the Yankees? I am okay with that. Because I am not at work. (ONE MORE WEEK and then I leave and start college YAYZ.)
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( Aug. 10th, 2006 12:27 am)

Holy crap. You know, I've been watching them more closely this week than I have been lately. Maybe this is my cue to go far, far away and pretend they don't exist like I had to do with the Astros last year. What do you guys think?
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( Aug. 2nd, 2006 12:45 am)
So. Without checking documentation of any kind, going entirely on my kind of distant knowing of the workings in Boston, I'm going to see if I can figure out who the hell is playing for the Red Sox now.


1B Youk. Youk also bats leadoff. His name causes confused casual viewers around the globe to ask, "Why they booing him?"
2B Loretta. His name brings to mind Dave Barry's version of the "oh god she's dead" genre of soft rock. "Oh Loretta/Why did I letcha/Stand unattended/Near the threshing machine?"
3B Lowell. I like the [ profile] redsox community's nickname for him, Myglowl. Say it three or four times. It just rolls of the tongue. MR DOUBLES MYGLOWL!
C Apparently we have a problem here. My boy Varitek did bad things to his knee and now he is gone for a while. Happily, I opened my beer before I read about this after work, so I'm okay. So now we have Dougie. Also, they activated Ken Huckaby. I cannot wait to break out the I [heart] Huckabees jokes.
LF Manny. Or possibly Wily Mo. I confess, I can never remember which is right field and which is left. Either way, not Trot. 'Cause he swung that bat damn hard, he did.
CF Coco, yes? He's not injured and replaced with an interchangeable rookie anymore, right?
RF See above. I lose.

Starting Pitching, in no particular order, because at this point in the season I never know the order of the rotation no matter how closely I follow a team:

Schilling, having recovered from his scary '05 self.
Beckett, who I understand is the guy we had to take in order to get Myglowl.
Boomer. Which is kind of a miracle, being as the entire world thought he was finished pitching. I really hope he can get on his game, not only for our sake, but for his own. He's a good pitcher and he deserves a decent end to his career.
Jason Johnson? OH GOD WHY. Although he was decent tonight, so maybe that time in the minors was what he needed. Haha, I made a funny joke.
. . . Kyle Snyder? I guess . . . ? Well. At least he looks like Bronson. Almost as good as pitching like him.


Seanez and Tavarez. I do not need a psuedo-funny remark here because they've got it covered.
Papelbon. Thank god.
There must be other guys. I do not know their names. None of them appear to be Timlin. Woe.

How'd I do? I didn't come up blank nearly as often as I expected, so either I'm more familiar with the '06 Red Sox than I thought or I just made up a whole lotta crap.
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( Jul. 4th, 2006 01:32 am)

I know I should be all upset because the Red Sox lost to the Devil Rays and everything, but there's no embarrassment in losing to a pitching performance like that. And Kazmir! A complete game two-hit shutout against that offense! That is so impressive, and his bullpen had best be getting him trashed right now. The boy earned it.

It is also worth nothing that Clemens pitched tonight and received *gasp!* RUN SUPPORT from the Astros. It is a miraculous sort of day, isn't it?
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( Jul. 2nd, 2006 08:30 pm)
Blah blah All-Star Game whatever. We all knew Ozzie Guillen was going to be a giant doucheburger and stuff the AL team with as many White Sox as he could get away with, and we also knew that a lot of excellent players would get overlooked in favor of either completely inexplicable choices or the fact that each team has to have a token representative.

Boys from my teams who made it, because if I'm rereading this in six months I'm gonna wish I'd made a list: Papi, Mark Loretta, Manny, Bronson Arroyo, Ivan Rodriguez, Kenny Rogers, Jon Papelbon, and Lance Berkman's token Astro self in reserves. Justin Verlander is in the running for the AL Final Vote. All of this is, of course, subject to change based on who ends up dropping out.

Last year I was all pissed off because my Houston boyfriend Morgan didn't make the team. (He did end up getting in after whoever the hell from the Cards had to drop out.) This year, I just don't care. There are countless deserving candidates and not enough spaces, to say nothing of the silly politics and name recognition.

So I could get all worked up over unfair exclusions and Ozzie Guillen sucks and blah blah, or I could sit back, eat some popcorn, watch everyone else get worked up, be glad most of my boys get a break to gear up for the second half, and hope to god every last White Sox player participating breaks an ankle.
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( Jun. 30th, 2006 08:13 pm)
Hey look! JJ's starting and we're behind 5-0 to the MARLINS in the second! I am shocked, I tell you! Who would imagine such a thing!

*sits back, wears expression of WTF I Told You So kthx*
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( Jun. 28th, 2006 11:32 am)
Damn. Looks like I'm still Rocket poison. I was hoping that was just a 2005 thing, and I'd be able to watch his starts this year without the very presence of my attention dooming him to a no-decision at best, but not so much, apparently. Just like each of the few times I watched him start last year before I wised up, he had a beautiful outing and the offense helpfully got themselves shut out. Sorry, Roger. I won't do it again. (Though probably it would also help if you didn't try to kill the umpire and end up forcing Garner's hand. Just a thought.)

Although, obviously, it wasn't just me over here. Nate Robertson had a lovely outing, shutting down the (admittedly sadsack) Astros offense for seven innings, with six hits, three walks, and four K's. He also recovered nicely after making an embarrassing throwing error that let Preston Wilson get to third. Zumaya did the job in the eighth, a little shaky at first but getting himself neatly out of trouble, and Rollercoaster Jones had (omg GASP) a perfect ninth.

Also, a special note for the Tigers offense: Alexis Gomez got his first Major League homerun in the eighth inning.

And the crowd last night. I'm used to hearing noise at ballgames. Every Red Sox home game is sold out, and Fenway is always deafening in tight spots and on big plays. The crowd gets into the game and tries to carry its players through on sheer volume. I don't remember hearing that sort of noise very often for my other teams, and possibly never for the Tigers.

Last night, Comerica Park sounded like Fenway. The crowd screamed for Nate as he fought to get that last out in the seventh and eradicate the mistake with Preston. The crowd screamed for Zumaya as he battled back from allowing two baserunners, recording two K's in a row to clean it up. The crowd screamed for Tigers hitters in full counts, for Craig Monroe's two-RBI double to break the scoreless tie, for Alexis's homer. That crowd made Comerica ring last night, and I wonder if it's ever heard that sort of noise in its few years' existence before.

This team deserves that noise level, and I hope they get to hear it again. With a 53-25 record, they continue to hold first place in the MLB and in their division. This has been amazing to follow, and has just completely devoured my brain. Detroit seems closer than Boston right now, and much as I want to step back and take a breath and pay some attention to my first baseball love as well, there always seems to be a reason these days why the Tigers game is more compelling than the Red Sox. Today I am far more excited about the Verlander/Pettitte matchup than about Pedro's return to the mound at Fenway. (Although this is at least partly because I've never seen Pedro in quite the same way since his graceless, childish, whiny departure from Boston. Go if you must, that's how the game is played, but there's no need for the self-serving parting shots. I don't care a whit about Pedro and probably never will again.) What the Tigers are doing this year after what they have done for nearly a decade and a half is nothing short of astonishing, and I can't seem to tear my eyes away long enough to give the Red Sox the attention they deserve, or my poor mediocre Astros the love they seem to need right now. I feel a little guilty, like a parent who does, in fact, secretly have a favorite child, but I am powerless to resist it.

Whoops. Sorry, I didn't mean to spew rambling justification all over you guys. I'll go get you a towel.
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( Jun. 21st, 2006 05:05 pm)
Several things.

* First, [ profile] beckla30 and I propose that the Tigers trade a year's supply of clean, reasonable quality jockstraps to the Orioles for Kevin Millar. It's a psychological manuever: We believe that the sheer humiliation of being benched for Millar for a week will put Shelton right back on his game. Then, Millar can just goof around and cheerlead in the dugout for the rest of the season, and occasionally play if Shelton desperately needs a rest, or if we're down or up by eight runs. We also think he'd be a top notch addition to the gum brigade.

* And really, it wouldn't be any worse a move than this. Jason Johnson?? Right before the second half of the season? Or, you know, AT ALL? Theo, what are you thinking?? Man, I know we are desperate for the pitching, but first a Royals reject and now this? Well, on the bright side, at least I'll get to hear Joe and Jerry tell me alllll about JJ's insulin pager. Because I didn't hear that one umpteen times last season with every non-Detroit feed I got stuck with.

* In conclusion: Ozzie's no homophobe! He's been to a Madonna concert, by damn! Funny, in my GSA days in high school, that would have pissed me off, so conditioned to loathe any hint of hate language was I. Now it just entertains, because, you know, it's Ozzie Guillen, and why get all worked up? Using every stock excuse in the book that every homophobe uses to claim that they are not homophobes is just precious. Oh Ozzie, don't ever change.

I really do need to start posting more often. It's been a difficult month. I don't really want to talk about the mess I seem to have made for myself until I've cleaned it up. But it's not like I ever talk about real life here anyway, so I do need to keep up with my posting. Feel free to poke me if I go too long.
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( Jun. 5th, 2006 02:10 pm)
Jesus, do I have to look at the Yankees AGAIN? I am sick of them and do not care, kthx. I am working nights during most of this series, I do not care, the one night I have off during it I am pretty sure coincides with Justin Verlander's next start, so I will be watching that. Because I do not care. The Yankees have played the Red Sox three times already, they played the Tigers last week, and I never ever want to see them again. Go away. There are other teams in the league, too, or so I hear.

Also, I love Jim Leyland. That was the best thing I've seen all week. Out of the dugout to yell at the impassive umpire. Turn and start to walk off. Whip around and yell some more. Turn and start to walk off. Whip around, stalk over to the plate, demonstrate the strike zone, and yell some more. Finally go to the dugout. Take sweet time getting a drink of water and delivering a parting shot before at least disappearing on the clubhouse. Brilliant. Everything I think I couldn't love Leyland any more than I already do, he proves me wrong. ♥
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( Jun. 3rd, 2006 02:09 pm)
I hate Todd Jones. Shit. I figured that one would go to the Red Sox, but that's because Schilling has been Schilling and Rogers's previous couple of outings were not stellar. That was a suck-ass way to lose. It was nice to see Rogers back on form, though. I was getting a little concerned.

I am glad that the Red Sox didn't lose any ground to the Yankees, though. And the White Sox have been losing all week, too, so the Tigers are still on top of them by two and a half games.

I did end up making friends with a Red Sox fan who bought me a sympathy beer. We had a blast talking and might end up doing so again tonight, and I suppose I'll have to find a way to confess that I am a dual fan who's been drinking the Tigers Kool Aid. He just thinks I know a lot about opposing teams for no reason.

Tonight: The guy who gets no run support versus the guy who might be a little distracted by the birth of his daughter (congratulations, Jeremy and Amber Bonderman!). I think this'll be a good one. Leyland, plz to be leaving Jones on the bench today unless the Tigers are up by at least five runs. In fact, let's go with that rule in general. A one-run lead is not enough cushion for the Rollercoaster.
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( May. 31st, 2006 01:51 pm)
I found this quote at The Joy of Sox:

Francona said he told Wells after an aborted throwing session, "'Seems to me that if you thought you could pitch you'd be yelling at me.' And he says, 'Yeah.'"

Did you hear that little sound? That was my heart breaking into tiny pieces. Boomer too disspirited to yell is likely the saddest thing I will hear all day.
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( May. 31st, 2006 01:12 am)
My AL teams are grounded. Both of you stand in your respective corners and think about what you have done. Especially Josh Beckett and Todd Jones.

On the other hand, it looks like Clemens has finally signed with the Astros. Everyone on the planet is denying it, but whatever, that just means the ink hasn't dried on the contract yet (or, as a poster at Astros Daily put it, "If you even remotely attempt to read between the lines it should read 'Clemens' pen ran out of ink and we had to find a new one, sorry for the delay.'" Heh). Plsu, they finally managed to win today after sinking all the way down to .500. I am so wearing my Astros hat tomorrow.

Also, the answer to the spot starter conundrum is David Pauley, up from AA. I can't remember if I've seen him pitch for the Sea Dogs or not. Hope this one works out. Or he at least does better than Beckett.
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( May. 30th, 2006 01:12 pm)
So. I know that Roman Ramon (okay, okay, Roman Colon, whatever) is starting for the Tigers tonight in Maroth's place, and I am comfortable with that, since he stepped up nicely to cover for Maroth in that miserable last start (six runs in a third of an inning, ouch, Mikey, I'm almost glad it was an injury and not just spontaneous sucking).

But who the hell is starting for the Red Sox in Boomer's spot when it comes back around? DiNardo was doing it before, but he's on the DL last I heard. And, uh, who else do we have? This troubles me. I can think of three or four guys I would accept taking the start for Maroth, but I have no idea who they're going to put in for Boomer. The Tigers have a solid bullpen, and plenty of guys in AAA we could call up without a moment's worry. The Red Sox have - Timlin. Who is on the DL. They have prospects, sure, but those prospects are in the minor leagues for a reason, and it ain't because there isn't room for them up here.

The flaw here, however, is that frankly I know a lot more about the Tigers right now than I do the Red Sox. Yes, yes, bad and wrong, equal attention, blah whatever, at least I know the Red Sox line-up, which is more than I could say about the Astros. This equal attention thing does not work when one of the teams appears to have had fairy dust sprinkled on its heads so it can go out and do all kinds of magical things. My point here being, is there something I'm missing? Am I misinformed about DiNardo? Is Jon Lester more ready than I thought? Are we going to try a four-man rotation for a little while? Can someone fill me in? Or am I right on the nose?


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