OMG. You guys. YOU GUYS. The Owen in the recent past 'verse. I THINK I FINISHED IT. I figured out where to end it (!!!!!), so then I wrote it. And now it's done.

So, uh. HERE IT IS.

TITLE: "Second Look"
AUTHOR: Cathryn ([ profile] catslash)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Owen, Ianto; Ianto/Lisa, past Owen/Katie
RATING: PG-13 for language. Genfic.
WORD COUNT: Approximately 6000.
SUMMARY: Sometimes, you get a chance to see the past through a different pair of eyes: your own. Set between "From Out of the Rain" and "Adrift," and during/after "Cyberwoman."
NOTES: Thanks to [ profile] gileonnen, who first inspired the idea during some random conversation; to [ profile] nightanddaze, for looking over the finished result to make sure it made sense; and to those two again and other folks on the flist for staying interested and thus helping to keep me interested. This fic has been a nightmare to complete (over a year from start to finish! It even got a tag of its own on my journal, the name of which I got from [ profile] supervillainess, so thanks to her, too) and I never could have gotten it done without you guys.
NOTES PART THE SECOND: Take the timeline here with a grain of salt. Since the Whoniverse timeline is so notoriously fuzzy, and I needed solid dates, I ended up just pulling a timeframe out of thin air and hoping that it would make sense.
SPOILERS: Up through 2x12, "Fragments."
DISCLAIMER: Torchwood was created by Russell T Davies and belongs to the BBC. I take no credit and make no money.

Owen always sort of thought that something like this might happen to one of them eventually. He just thought it would be more - dramatic. )
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 09:18 pm)
A few random items, because I would like to get into the habit of, like, posting again. Or at least to not have entries on the front page that are from October.

* My Western Civ professor is about as stereotypical as a history professor can get. It's amazing. His terminology is grounded firmly in the seventies at the latest - he refers to "examinations," which I of course am aware of as a term for tests, but I have never once had a teacher who used it before now. He also explained to us about Louis XVI being in "the hoosegow" during part of the French Revolution. The hoosegow, you guys. And he said it twice. I kind of love him a lot.

Also, his scorn for the aforementioned Louis XVI knows no bounds. He kept cracking on the guy for not being able to make a damn decision, and he would do it in this polite-history-teacher way that just made it more awesome. He sounds like he's editing himself for the classroom, but if there was some kind of French History Bitching Session, he would just let it rip and really tear Louis XVI a new one.

* Victoria's Secret sells lollipops. I do not know if this is a new thing, since I only started shopping for proper bras (as opposed to sports bras for Wal-Mart) like six months ago, but it is new to me. And hilarious. And of course I bought one.

. . . and, since it was of a particular brand, it qualified me for a free small stuffed dog. It is flashy and ridiculous and I cannot determine a reason for it to exist, and I have a history of naming stuffed animals after characters in whatever fandom I'm in at the time. So, obviously, Bewildering Scribble Dog's name is Jack.

* The series three Doctor Who finale arc makes less sense every time I watch it. It also makes me want to write more year that never was fic. And that just brings me back to the stagnating recent-past-paradigm, because even though I STILL have no idea where to end it and have more or less decided that including the YTNW is not entirely workable, I just still can't shake the idea. Maybe it needs to be another fic, or something. Maybe there's a reason I can't get any farther with what I've got. Maybe I need to suck it up and start writing the damn thing again already. It might help to start doing drabbles again or something.

* The finale does, however, contain one of my favorite lines, after Saxon greets the President right before the broadcast: "Can I make you some tea? Or is that not American enough? *pause* Can I make you some grits? What are grits, anyway?" Because he doesn't go for the obvious coffee joke! Also: GRITS. Ha. I wonder if RTD was aware of that joke being extra-funny because grits are a specifically Southern food, and a lot of our Presidents have been Southern. If it was just because grits are inherently funny, that's okay too.

* Seriously. Does anyone know of a good drabble challenge community that I can use to get myself posting again? I spent about a month last year posting drabbles every day and it was fun! For me, at least.
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( May. 25th, 2008 10:06 am)
[ profile] americanleaguer and [ profile] offspeed both did "'If I write it down and stare at it, maybe I will be forced to actually finish these fics" posts while I was sleeping, so i figured I'd join the party. I've been so unproductive ficwise the last couple of weeks.

Cut because I decided to throw in snippets for fun. In which I write a lot of damn crossovers, and Torchwood and Supernatural feature heavily. And are NOT crossed over. )

Way too many fics going on there. It beats the zero I had before, though, and I still heart SPN for being the fandom that jumpstarted my fic muse after like two years of silence. And Torchwood for keeping it going. Also, what's up with me being the freakin' crossover queen over here?

Also, I'm probably gonna pull together all my non-recent-past 'verse drabbles to post to communities at some point today, so if you see a "new" fic post from me, don't get excited, because there's nothing new in it. Well, unless you missed my drabble spamming phase.
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( May. 4th, 2008 03:19 am)
Right! So. One or two of you may remember the Owen in the recent past 'verse that I was happily drabbling away with before deciding to turn it into a real fic. Well, it is progressing. Slowly, but it's going. It keeps evolving in my head and is highly unlikely to be the three-part epic I envisioned in what was probably caffeine-fueled, heart-palpitation-ridden insanity. At this point it's looking more like a two-part - the recent past part and the aftermath of Owen's return to his own present, with the year that wasn't dealt with in flashbacks, mostly because I simply don't have enough material to make it an entire part on its own and I'm not convinced it would fit anyway.

But I did promise to post bits. So here is a bit, if only to assure people (including possibly myself) that it's not dead.

Spoilers through Torchwood 2x07.

There's a wing full of furnished, if heavily dusty, bedrooms on the floor above Lisa; Ianto explains matter-of-factly that, once upon a time, Torchwood employees were 'encouraged' to live on the premises, but that stopped back in 1963 when an alien virus wiped out almost the entire staff. )
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( Mar. 27th, 2008 11:53 am)
No Torchwood drabble yesterday, because I decided to take a whack at actually writing some of the damn recent-past-paradigm fic, like for reals. I think I've figured out the format, too. I'm planning on a series of ficlets of random lengths (no more strict word counts) from various points of view, split into three parts: "Things That Happened," "Things That Didn't," and "Reconciled." The first part will deal with S1, the second with the Year That Wasn't, and the third with some of the aftermath when Owen makes it back to his own present. I will probably have that happen at the end of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," to increase the odds of actually finishing this thing and because nearfuture!Owen's presence could sabotage the events of "Adam" in a way it couldn't any other episode, and I can't figure any way around that plus I seriously don't want to watch that episode again.

I'll also keep posting bits of it every now and then, though no more drabbles, because I have decided that drabbles would be cheating. If I'm going to write this, I will do it properly. But I'll share bits because the very fact that I have solid plans for this to exist as a fic is owed entirely to the people who commented on the drabbles. Without you guys, this would have died a quiet death in the back of my head like so many other potential fic 'verses have done. So I'm gonna keep right on including you in the process, and should this get finished - and there are NO guarantees of that until I've typed the last word - there will be effusive thank you notes in the header. ;)

But anyway! Here is a bit. Shared bits, incidentally, are likely going to be first draft and subject to change. Spoilers for Torchwood 1x04 and 2x12.

'It's an autopsy, not a wedding, I don't need a witness.' )
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( Mar. 25th, 2008 12:10 am)
Since so many of my Torchwood drabbles have been set in this 'verse, I thought it would be easiest to put them all together in one post in case anyone who is not me wants to refer to them. This 'verse may turn into a fic of its own; I've got plenty of ideas for it that won't fit the drabble format. If I do write it, I don't know if everything in the drabbles will end up in the fic. At this point, I'm exploring and trying things out.

Drabbles are in chronological order within the 'verse (yeah, it's a time travel 'verse, but there's chronology if I say there is!) rather than in order written. Oh, plus, the first drabble is in past tense and the rest in present. A tip for drabble writing: present tense can save you a precious word or two just 'cause you don't have to use extra verbs. Apparently, I forgot this for like a day.

Spoilers for Torchwood 1x04, 2x06-2x08; Doctor Who 3x12-3x13.

Getting bounced into the recent past was - pointless, at best. )


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