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( Apr. 5th, 2009 11:23 pm)
Gossip Girl note:

I love Dorota. The show is clearly playing her part up, and that is kind of awesome. She takes such good care of Blair and often gets nothing in return except her paycheck, but she keeps right on going. God knows she's a better presence in Blair's life than Blair's own mother. Dorota is awesome.

That is all.
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( Sep. 18th, 2008 01:46 am)
Chuck to Blair in the latest episode of Gossip Girl, regarding her British lord boyfriend:

"You can't tell me Bertie Wooster is satisfying your needs."


B: See A.

C: It's been way too long since I wrote any exceptionally absurd crossover snippets, hasn't it? Man, Jeeves would have his work cut out for him getting rid of Blair Waldorf.

I love you, Chuck. Especially since now I have this awesome image of you sneaking reads of PG Wodehouse when no one is around to see you voluntarily opening a book.
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( Jul. 2nd, 2008 11:24 am)
So. I require a bit of a distraction from the fact that Doctor Who airs on Saturday and it's only WEDNESDAY. And I figure, while I'm all ridiculous-crossover-y lately, it might be a good time for a sort of informal challenge request.

Below the cut, you will find a list of fandoms. Ask for crossovers. I will do my best to provide at least a scenario, if not a snippet into the bargain. These are fandoms I'm comfortable with dabbling in at the moment, so I'd appreciate it if you stuck to the list, though of course if I've forgotten something you know I can do, ask for it. And if there's something you really want to see but you're not sure, ask me about it. I might be able to do it anyway. (But no baseball RPS, ALEX. I'd prefer fictional crossovers.) Feel free to ask for more than one; I will do my best to accommodate. Though if you nail me with a huge list I reserve the right to pick and choose. ALEX.

crossover tiems! )
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( May. 15th, 2008 02:06 am)
I felt like iconning, so I sorted through the exceedingly random collection of images I have and made a few icons. Have them! Nothing special here, just cropping and bordering and the occasional smidgen of text, so no need to credit. And thanks to [ profile] foozled_up for keeping me from just chucking my computer right out the window when PhotoShop wasn't playing nice.

a bit of the Tigers, Torchwood, Gossip Girl, Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and technically Supernatural. Eleven total. )
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( May. 6th, 2008 01:52 pm)
Oh, Jesus Christ. Twenty-nine pages for the last Gossip Girl recap on TWoP? And fully half of it Jacob's useless "look at me, I'm so smart, I know how to construct impossible impenetrable sentences" dithering? WILL SOMEBODY GET THIS BOY A FUCKING EDITOR ALREADY? He does make some really good, interesting observations, which is why I still wade through the recaps every week, but it's a real chore to find them amidst the sea of spooge from his constant wanking over what a genius he is.
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 09:16 pm)
Brief Gossip Girl spoilers. )

And speaking of Torchwood - Blair/Jack OTP, Y/Y? They would totally be able to handle each other. Blair needs someone with a personality (ie, not Nate) who could help her hone her devious cleverness into a terrifying weapon, and Jack always needs someone who will stand up to him. It would be awesome. And hot. And I swear only Gossip Girl could make me ship a crossover HET couple.
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 12:03 am)
By the way! New episodes of Gossip Girl start again tomorrow. They did a great job with the last ep back in January (god, that long ago?) of hedging their bets and making an episode that could work as either a season finale or a hiatus cliffhanger of sorts, so I bet tomorrow's episode will be a good place to start if you haven't tried the show yet. If you haven't - look. You know me. I don't pretend something doesn't suck when it does and I know it does. And I know how off-putting GG's premise is. "Ooh, a show about rich kids in Manhattan. How classy and original."

So I believe that you know to trust me when I say that Gossip Girl is genuinely good television. The characters are well-written, with layers and flaws and strengths, portrayed by compelling and talented actors, and the plots may not spark with originality but they aren't just tossed onto the screen. They're thoroughly explored and mined for all they have to offer. Plus, the longer arcs proceed at a reasonable pace, which is nice. Oh, and if you read the books, or even just one of the books, you will notice that what I am describing is their polar opposite. The show is nothing like the books. I swear.

Yes, it absolutely has elements of soapiness, and things that will make you blink. But it's not the show you think it is. It's not useless trash designed to pander to mindless adolescents. It's well-written and layered and fun. So come on. Join me. Tomorrow night, eight o'clock EST. You know you love me.
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( Jan. 9th, 2008 09:38 pm)
Oh, Gossip Girl. That finale was perfection. No big long post because I am still overwhelmed by the awesome brilliance of it all.

Brief, vague spoilers. )

You know I love you, Gossip Girl. XOXO.
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( Dec. 20th, 2007 11:02 pm)
Last night's Gossip Girl. Because I bet you've all missed my analysis of shows that like one or two of you actually watch. (Yeah, I've slacked on Dexter . . . because the last two episodes were leaked onto the Internet a couple weeks ago, and I watched them both at once, passed them on, and happily analyzed them to death with [ profile] hoedogg already. Because he was probably the only one reading the entries about Dexter in the first place.)

Cut for spoilers. Even though only a couple of you have the balls to watch the show, admit to it, and declare it good. )

* And because this isn't a spoiler, I shall say it here: Any show that can make me - ME - fall in love with not one, but two het pairings is capable of working some serious magic. Do I love Dan/Serena more? Or Rufus/Lily? I don't know! Every time Dan and Serena cute me into making up my mind, Rufus and Lily shatter my resolve and win me over with True Love Neglected. And then Dan and Serena are adorable some more. I just can't decide. So many reasons why I love both couples. The show will probably decide for me in the end, though, since Rufus and Lily are Meant To Be, which would make Dan and Serena stepsiblings, which I would imagine can put a certain strain on a relationship.

You guys, come on. Wednesdays. CW. Nine EST. Don't be lame.
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( Nov. 28th, 2007 04:15 pm)
Gossip Girl rant/discussion. Because I got hold of the episode early.

Spoilers for tonight's ep. )

Oh, show. You are supposed to be fluffy nonsense. Why are you made of win? (Heh. That totally makes no sense to people who didn't read under the cut. Watch the show! It rules! I promise!)
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( Nov. 28th, 2007 03:28 pm)
JOHN SHEA. ON GOSSIP GIRL. As Blair's gay dad.

Do you need any other reason to have the CW on at nine tonight? I thought not.

John Shea, man. I loooove him. I have since Lois & Clark. There is no other Lex Luthor. Plus, hey, he dated my fourth grade teacher's roommate in college. Degrees of separation!

Two of my favorite things come together in an explosion of geek joy. Like I even needed any more awesome on top of the meeting I attended today for SMCC students interested in transferring to Smith, Wellesley, or Mount Holyoke and finding out that Wellesley is a perfect fit in both academic as well as practical matters. Today rocks.
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 11:43 pm)
Hey, look, I fail at posting. What a surprise. I just never seem to have anything to say these days.

But right now, I have this to say: I see much TV love on my flist. Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who . . . this is all well and good. Television squee is fun!

But why, children, why is there no love for Gossip Girl? Ratings, from what I hear, will attest that no one is watching it, but hey! The CW picked up a full season anyway. So have no fear of falling for a show that disappears.

Why don't you watch it? It's the premise, isn't it? "Rich kids in New York attending private school together." Yeah, yeah, dime a dozen, next! Or maybe you picked up one of the books and couldn't believe the ridiculous plots that twisted three times in two chapters, and the paper-thin, unlikeable characters. I've read several of them this week, and yeah, there's not much to recommend them beyond the sheer "What the hell am I reading?" that permeates each page. Or maybe you just want Kristen Bell to fall off a cliff, and okay, I can't argue against that other than to observe that you can't cast a bitchy, gloating, know-it-all character better than that. Plus, she only does voiceovers, so you don't have to look at her.

But the other points. The premise bores on paper. When I decided to check out the pilot ep, I figured at best I was in for a brainless forty-five minutes of fluff. But halfway in, I was hooked, and that ties in to point two: this show has some depth. The plots are thoughtfully written and progress at a sane pace. The characters keep surprising me. Each episode is the best yet. Shall I sing the song of Blair, who one moment is viciously tearing at anyone who doesn't fit her ideals, and the next is showing her heart and breaking mine? Or Serena, the thoughtlessly hurtful belle of the ball working to overcome her nature and steeping in guilt over every setback? And there's Dan, your basic self-absorbed teenage boy trying to come to grips with the cruelty of Serena's world because he likes her so much. And we mustn't forget Chuck, who is oily and creepy and rapey and yet has proven his ability to bust out the badassery and be a friend to Nate, who is . . . uh . . . um . . . well, every show has its flaws. But I have a different favorite character every week, and I am loving the dynamics developing between the characters as the cast become more comfortable together. And did I mention they can act?

Gossip Girl airs Wednesday at nine on the CW. I have the first four episodes on my computer, and I am happy to share. Please watch this show. You'll be startled at how interesting and moving the dramas of a bunch of rich Manhattan kids can be.


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