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( Oct. 13th, 2008 01:53 am)
So! Way the hell back in July, when I was innocently seeking distraction from the agonizing wait for the Doctor Who finale and blissfully unaware that said agonizing wait would be the best part of the entire episode (oh yeah, I'm still mad), I asked for crossover challenge requests to keep myself occupied.

. . . no, this is not a second round. Not right now. Maybe some other time. I was going to put the results all up in one post, but, uh, I forgot. Until now. I got almost all of them done, excepting the ones that were requests for something I was already trying to write at the time, and also I never want to write a Dogma crossover again, GAIL. ;) But there are still twelve random snippets right here, presented in no particular order. Spoiler warnings or whathaveyou in the cuts, though the spoilers that were new then are kinda old now.

House/Dead and Breakfast - See, this is why Thirteen never talks about herself. The simplest questions are landmines. )


House/Torchwood - Chase looked up, and it was only then that he became aware of the stymied silence. No one was throwing out diagnoses, or even arguing. They were just looking at him. )


Iron Man/Dogma - It was in Illinois, somewhere, doing . . . oh, something about PR, or something. Hell if Tony knows, it was a decade ago and he was drunk the whole time anyway. But he'd snuck out to some little dive strip joint. )


Dexter/Doctor Who - The first clue that this situation isn't quite right is the sedative failing to take effect. )


House/Supernatural, spoilers for House season four finale - Jo's been working in bars since she was sixteen, and of course she spent time in Harvelle's even before that, and she knows all the signs of a man who wants a drink. )


Dogma/Pirates of the Carribean, AU on account of me kind of forgetting about Dead Man's Chest, oops - Jack Sparrow has met God. )


Red Dwarf/Torchwood - Owen couldn't wait until Jack moved on from this overprotective crap. )


Iron Man/Torchwood/Jeeves and Wooster - The Junior Ganymede is, as I have told Mr Wooster and previous employers, a club for gentlemens' personal gentlemen. I have never mentioned, however, that it extends further than one might think, and that said personal gentlemen are not always gentlemen. )


Boondock Saints/Torchwood, part one of a duplicate request - He sent cards and gifts for Christmas and Owen's birthdays. He never heard back, but it didn't surprise him. He highly doubted that Marianne had ever taught Owen about writing thank you notes. )


Boondock Saints/Torchwood part the second, which is actually an AU of the first, just for fun - Smecker is not shocked by this. There isn't a cop in the city who wouldn't buy the Saints a round of beer if given half a chance; after this, they'll probably settle for buying drinks for whoever helped.  )


House/Dogma - But this kid - there was just something about her that drew the eye. Cuddy couldn't even begin to explain what; she just kept glancing back up to watch the girl play. )


Iron Man/Dead and Breakfast - Tony Stark blinked several times, dazed and vaguely aware that he was probably concussed. He'd have to do something about the helmet's design. It was supposed to prevent concussions, not cause them. )


Dogma/Supernatural - Plus it gets Bartleby out of his face for an evening, seriously, the two of them are more closely and irrevocably entwined than any other beings on the planet, but that doesn't mean they don't wanna just find a way to kill each other sometimes. )

I may have to do another round of this, I think, with a new list. I had a lot of fun with it before, and a couple of these might even have enough weight to turn them into proper fics.
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( Jul. 2nd, 2008 11:24 am)
So. I require a bit of a distraction from the fact that Doctor Who airs on Saturday and it's only WEDNESDAY. And I figure, while I'm all ridiculous-crossover-y lately, it might be a good time for a sort of informal challenge request.

Below the cut, you will find a list of fandoms. Ask for crossovers. I will do my best to provide at least a scenario, if not a snippet into the bargain. These are fandoms I'm comfortable with dabbling in at the moment, so I'd appreciate it if you stuck to the list, though of course if I've forgotten something you know I can do, ask for it. And if there's something you really want to see but you're not sure, ask me about it. I might be able to do it anyway. (But no baseball RPS, ALEX. I'd prefer fictional crossovers.) Feel free to ask for more than one; I will do my best to accommodate. Though if you nail me with a huge list I reserve the right to pick and choose. ALEX.

crossover tiems! )
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( Feb. 28th, 2008 12:57 am)
You know one thing that I really have fun with in regards to Supernatural? It crosses over with almost anything. Seriously. As long as the other work in question is non-fantastical (or has rules that are similar to SPN's; crossovers with Buffy, for example, make my head ache because the shows' demons and vamps are way too different to mesh) and the timeline works out. And, fuck it, even if it doesn't, you can always throw in a convenient transdimensional vortex or whatever.

Some of the crossovers I've come up with have worked, to the point where there is unfinished fic littering my harddrive, and some of them are too cracky or convoluted to do anything but amuse me tremendously. Plus, you know, some of them I've forgotten. But I shall now share with you the ones I can remember. If I have fic for it, I'll throw in a snippet; if I don't, I'll write a snippet! Then at the bottom, there will be a bonus, non-SPN, totally cracktastic opening-sentence-snippet that probably isn't as funny as I think it is, but I need to get it out of my brain!

SPN/Dead and Breakfast )

SPN/Dexter )

SPN/Grey's Anatomy )


SPN/Xena-Hercuverse )

SPN/Torchwood (spoilers from 'Reset' on) )

Bonus random crossover of crack! )
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( Dec. 3rd, 2007 01:25 pm)

Spoilers for last night's ep. Gah. )

Two episodes left. What am I gonna do two weeks from now?
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 04:59 pm)
Dexter! Ohmygod I love this show. I feel almost like I cheated myself watching the entire first season in one go, because this season, drawn out with the wait between episodes, is so much more delicious. I want to know what's going to happen but I don't want it to end!

Spoilery discussion of this week's episode. This time in handy bullet format! )

Speculation based on the preview information for next week's episode. )

God, I hope there's someone on my friendslist who watches this show. I'd hate to think I just spent an hour on this entry just to hear myself type. Fuck it, I don't feel like proofreading, and I'm not gonna till someone says they read this monstrosity. Uh, so there!

. . . I need a Dexter icon.
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( Nov. 19th, 2007 09:50 pm)

* DEXTER. How do you keep getting better every week without a false step? How? All season, I have been in "can't wait for the next ep" mode. Now I am in "CANNOT FUCKING WAIT FOR THE NEXT EP IS IT MONDAY YET WHERE IS MY DOWNLOAD OMG" mode. Every week this show builds the tension and the story and now spoilers for the last ep, and also HOLY CRAP ) The only reason we know Dexter will get out of it all is because there's going to be a third season. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel too confident, because a show this unflinchingly intense and honest would have no problem ending its run with the serial killer protagonist rolling up his sleeve for that lethal injection. But they've got the noose around his neck, and I don't have any clear, solid ideas on how he's going to wriggle out of it. Spoiler-free speculation cut just in case. )

* Bank of America charged me a total of forty bucks for a couple of overdrafts that added up to twelve dollars and change. The type of accounts I have, one specially designed for college students, comes with one "get out of jail free" card in regards to overdraft fees, and I was pretty sure I hadn't used it yet, so I went down to the bank this afternoon in hopes of getting twenty bucks back, but not feeling too optimistic.

They refunded the entire forty dollars. How awesome is that? Considering that they're a big chain and I hold a free account, I didn't really think I'd see my money again, but I guess they get the whole customer service thing after all.

So! If you are in need of a bank, and a credit union isn't feasible for whatever reason (always go with a credit union if you can, they are the best; I miss the one I was using, but it was too hard for me to get there to make deposits during the semester since I don't drive), you could do worse than Bank of America.

* . . . of course, in the long run, the joke's on me. I've come up short of money this semester for many reasons, mostly involving every single one of my expenses going up all at once, plus the structure of winter vacation doesn't allow, in either December or January, for me to work enough to scrape rent money together. Last year, Grandpa made up the difference during vacation, but he's gone now and took half their income with him. He saved plenty, so Grandma's not going to be having Alpo for dinner, but he was the financial mind in their marriage. I know they could afford what he gave me, because he would have flat-out told me otherwise, but now that Grandma's on her own and doesn't have a clue about all the portfolio stuff Grandpa had going, I'm not comfortable asking her for that much money. So instead I asked her to co-sign an extra student loan so that I will have a place to live until I get my next financial aid check in February. I've been stressing about it hard, since the first place I tried (which, ironically, I already have my Stafford loans with, wtf) shot us down because my credit history is not as shiny as it might be. I applied for a loan through Bank of America today and, since they use the co-signer's credit history as a basis for approval, it got approved. Thank fuck. I mean, I wasn't gonna end up homeless, since Grandma said she would lend me the money if I needed up, but I am really, really glad she doesn't have to. So it looks like Bank of America will be making plenty off me after all. Don't get me wrong, it was a relatively small amount, and my student loan debt is miniscule compared to what so many people graduate with these days - but it'll still be more than forty bucks in the end.

I was gonna put more stuff, but a thing that is not awesome is that I e-mailed my Sport Psych instructor on WEDNESDAY to let her know that I would be missing Thursday class and was there anything I needed for tomorrow, and she got back to me THIS AFTERNOON to tell me about an assignment. Because having time over the weekend to work on it wouldn't have been kinda nice or anything. Oh, well. I probably wouldn't have anyway.
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( Nov. 13th, 2007 07:19 am)
Just a note:

Last night, owing to having slept in yesterday (omg I love federal holidays this semester, since I stuck myself in classes six days a week), I got about three hours' sleep. Tonight, I am seeing a play I had forgotten about that will probably end at around ten-thirty. I cannot find time in my schedule for a nap.

Therefore, I will probably not be available for online activities tonight.

And while I'm posting, I want to take note of something in the new episode of Dexter that tickled me so immensely that I'm still thinking of it whilst half-conscious.

Very minor spoiler for last Sunday's episode. Seriously, unless you're at least two weeks behind, you can safely read this. Uh, but if you are a couple eps behind, don't read this. )


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