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([personal profile] catslash Oct. 23rd, 2010 01:07 am)
Wow, Supernatural! That was really impressive!

Not only was the usual weekly dose of misogyny even more disgusting than usual, but you managed to throw in a nice dollop of homophobia and even snuck in a delicious drop of racism! Way to go!

And the Twilight jokes weren't even clever, goddammit. I laughed anyway, because I'm a sucker (sorry in re: pun), but naming the pair in the beginning Robert and Kristen? Not the exactly the height of parody. And the jokes didn't really get better from there.

The sad thing is, I'll keep watching, because see above about being a sucker, and also I am exactly the kind of masochist who stays with a show long after it's sunk to depressing lows of quality, AND last week's episode was really good and now I'm not gonna stop hoping for another one like that. Jerks.

(Also, and hey stop reading if you don't like speculation - Aspen offered up a theory a little while ago about Sam actually being Michael in Sam's body. In light of this episode, that's starting to look pretty likely. So now I also want to find out if she's right.

Ugh. I can't believe this is what I decided to make one of my increasingly-sporadic posts about. I'm going to bed.

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Wow, this is ironic: two posts about SPN in a row on my f-list. One absolutely hated it, one absolutely loved it XD That's just hilarious XD

(also, hi <3 good to see you!)
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(Hi! PS YAY ABOUT YOUR CONDO in case I did not say that already.)

No one else on my flist has commented on the ep, not even the people who always have something to say. I take this as proof that I was right about it.
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Homosexuality in SPN is reserved for doomed characters, evil characters, and quick throwaway jokes. Goddammit I hate this show sometimes.

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Well--the LARPers could've been worse. Given that they were the intersection of gayness and fannishness, two of SPN's favorite punching bags, I was surprised how heroic they got to be.

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