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([personal profile] catslash Sep. 19th, 2006 01:22 pm)
Hi, Red Sox! If you guys could kick the Twinkies' asses, that would be really great and very helpful. Remember: the key is not to let them win. The Tigers will thank you. With orgies chocolate.

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I just read a really unpleasant (and convoluted!) piece about how the Red Sox beating the Twins is ultimately just helping the Yankees get home advantage for the playoffs. Not something you want to hear. :P
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Yes, but the Red Sox beating the Twins could make a difference in whether or not the Tigers can hold on to the division. GO RED SOX.

Plus, what was it that happened last time my team played the Yankees when they had home advantage in the playoffs? Damn, it's right on the tip of my tongue . . .

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haha, I'd waggle my finger in disdain, but I'm too amused at the Millar icon. Dammit, he was my downfall, you know?

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We're not in 2004 anymore, Toto. :P

And, looks like your Tigers are out of luck tonight.

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