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([personal profile] catslash Jun. 28th, 2006 11:32 am)
Damn. Looks like I'm still Rocket poison. I was hoping that was just a 2005 thing, and I'd be able to watch his starts this year without the very presence of my attention dooming him to a no-decision at best, but not so much, apparently. Just like each of the few times I watched him start last year before I wised up, he had a beautiful outing and the offense helpfully got themselves shut out. Sorry, Roger. I won't do it again. (Though probably it would also help if you didn't try to kill the umpire and end up forcing Garner's hand. Just a thought.)

Although, obviously, it wasn't just me over here. Nate Robertson had a lovely outing, shutting down the (admittedly sadsack) Astros offense for seven innings, with six hits, three walks, and four K's. He also recovered nicely after making an embarrassing throwing error that let Preston Wilson get to third. Zumaya did the job in the eighth, a little shaky at first but getting himself neatly out of trouble, and Rollercoaster Jones had (omg GASP) a perfect ninth.

Also, a special note for the Tigers offense: Alexis Gomez got his first Major League homerun in the eighth inning.

And the crowd last night. I'm used to hearing noise at ballgames. Every Red Sox home game is sold out, and Fenway is always deafening in tight spots and on big plays. The crowd gets into the game and tries to carry its players through on sheer volume. I don't remember hearing that sort of noise very often for my other teams, and possibly never for the Tigers.

Last night, Comerica Park sounded like Fenway. The crowd screamed for Nate as he fought to get that last out in the seventh and eradicate the mistake with Preston. The crowd screamed for Zumaya as he battled back from allowing two baserunners, recording two K's in a row to clean it up. The crowd screamed for Tigers hitters in full counts, for Craig Monroe's two-RBI double to break the scoreless tie, for Alexis's homer. That crowd made Comerica ring last night, and I wonder if it's ever heard that sort of noise in its few years' existence before.

This team deserves that noise level, and I hope they get to hear it again. With a 53-25 record, they continue to hold first place in the MLB and in their division. This has been amazing to follow, and has just completely devoured my brain. Detroit seems closer than Boston right now, and much as I want to step back and take a breath and pay some attention to my first baseball love as well, there always seems to be a reason these days why the Tigers game is more compelling than the Red Sox. Today I am far more excited about the Verlander/Pettitte matchup than about Pedro's return to the mound at Fenway. (Although this is at least partly because I've never seen Pedro in quite the same way since his graceless, childish, whiny departure from Boston. Go if you must, that's how the game is played, but there's no need for the self-serving parting shots. I don't care a whit about Pedro and probably never will again.) What the Tigers are doing this year after what they have done for nearly a decade and a half is nothing short of astonishing, and I can't seem to tear my eyes away long enough to give the Red Sox the attention they deserve, or my poor mediocre Astros the love they seem to need right now. I feel a little guilty, like a parent who does, in fact, secretly have a favorite child, but I am powerless to resist it.

Whoops. Sorry, I didn't mean to spew rambling justification all over you guys. I'll go get you a towel.

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That crowd made Comerica ring last night, and I wonder if it's ever heard that sort of noise in its few years' existence before.

Doubt it. They were only good early in the season the past few years, before fans get truly frenzied for Baseball. And *sigh* R.I.P. good old Tiger Stadium. You were a giant, outdated pile of orange and blue shit, but I loved your $2.50 admission prices, easily available seating, and lack of under-21 carding.

I watched the Red Sox smoke Pedro's ass like a pork roast tonight. It was hilarious.

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