catslash: (Leyland)
([personal profile] catslash Jun. 5th, 2006 02:10 pm)
Jesus, do I have to look at the Yankees AGAIN? I am sick of them and do not care, kthx. I am working nights during most of this series, I do not care, the one night I have off during it I am pretty sure coincides with Justin Verlander's next start, so I will be watching that. Because I do not care. The Yankees have played the Red Sox three times already, they played the Tigers last week, and I never ever want to see them again. Go away. There are other teams in the league, too, or so I hear.

Also, I love Jim Leyland. That was the best thing I've seen all week. Out of the dugout to yell at the impassive umpire. Turn and start to walk off. Whip around and yell some more. Turn and start to walk off. Whip around, stalk over to the plate, demonstrate the strike zone, and yell some more. Finally go to the dugout. Take sweet time getting a drink of water and delivering a parting shot before at least disappearing on the clubhouse. Brilliant. Everything I think I couldn't love Leyland any more than I already do, he proves me wrong. ♥

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