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( Feb. 2nd, 2010 01:58 pm)
In brief: things I have done over the last couple of weeks.

* Classes! I had to drop American Popular Culture on account of it having so much reading that I may as well have been taking a third English class, so I replaced it with Historical Construction of Sexuality, which I had wanted to take anyway but couldn't take on the fifth class. Four is plenty, especially now that I'm in the higher level courses. And it . . . has so much reading I may as well be taking a third English class. Sigh. (I think I got spoiled by the History prof I had the past two semesters, whose reading assignments were almost always able to be treated as optional, since he gave such thorough notes in class.) It's a nice parallel to my Gender and Sexuality Theory class, though, and I think the two of them paired together will be helpful this semester.

Also, my Acting for Non-Majors class involves yoga. WTF is that all about? Yes, please, let's perform activities I associate with gym class, which I am still, at twenty-seven years old, grateful that I no longer have to attend. That'll get me nice and wound up and uncomfortable just in time for the various acting exercises! And, oh god, last week we did one of those guided relaxation thingies - you know, the kind where a soothing voice (or, in this case, the professor) tells you to relax your body an inch at time over the course of like twenty minutes? I cannot be the only person for whom this has the opposite effect. Thirty seconds in ("Relax your scalp") and I've got ants crawling under my skin and I want to run around in circles screaming. This is my reaction to anything that involves holding still/making careful, deliberate little movements for longer than like three seconds. (I would be the worst surgeon EVER.) So if we have to do that again this week, I may lose my shit. Or possibly lose a battle with the Giggle Loop, which you should NOT GOOGLE if you don't know what it is. Trust me. You're better off that way.

* Oh, yeah, also, I had a birthday on the twenty-third. Thanks to everyone who wished me a good one! If you posted something and I didn't comment, it's probably because when I scanned my flist that evening, I was not entirely sober, so I missed it.

* I have effected a change in my wardrobe! It now involves more tunic shirts and leggings and skirts and fewer jeans and t-shirts. I am bored of jeans and t-shirts, because that's what I've been wearing for like fifteen years, and I love the tunic shirts that are in style right now because they allow me to wear more comfortable things like leggings. I have a belly and jeans dig into it when I sit. The wrong pair can actually give me a stomachache. And I want skirts and dresses too because I also have thighs, and the inseam of a pair of jeans (aka, the only part of the entire jean that cannot be fucking patched) wears through too quickly. And I HATE jeans shopping, omg. Skirts will not present that problem. And leggings have less friction than denim, I think, and are cheaper to replace in any case.

I really miss pockets, though. Goddamn. I only have one actual skirt so far and want a couple more. I'll be looking for ones with pockets.

And that is all the fascinating stuff I have not been posting about since the semester started. And now that I've caught up on that, maybe I'll start posting again because I won't be thinking "BUT THERE'S SO MUCH I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START HALP maybe tomorrow."
I've been sitting on this one for a while, hoping to get the specials done, but there hasn't been a chance for that since the semester began. I have a vacation week after next (spring semester is so weird), so I'm gonna shoot for getting them done then. They're gonna be tougher going because they're twice as long and pretty political - I might have to do, like, research or some shit to manage anything coherent. But then I get to do series three, and I'm still looking forward to that.


Here we have a proper finale, which would eventually prove to double as Hugh Abbot's exit from The Thick of It. Yeah, I told you we'd get back to that.

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