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( Mar. 24th, 2010 11:45 pm)
So I'm watching Romero's latest, Survival of the Dead (which, apparently, is a big deal, because it hasn't been officially released yet?), and I just want to say that Patrick O'Flynn has got to be the most deliciously stereotypical Irish name I have ever heard. Like, I thought I'd heard some good ones before, but Patrick O'Flynn beats them all.

I'm gonna go back to watching zombies eat people as Romero makes whatever statement he's feeling the need to make this time, but I just thought I'd mention that. (And if anyone is curious, there is in fact a direct link to Diary of the Dead. Which, since that was supposed to be unrelated to Romero's previous movies, might be of interest.)

ETA: Seamus Muldoon's a pretty close second, though. You know what? Instead of harping on this, I'm gonna tell a quick story from my ex-job. When we took orders, we'd get the customer's name to write on the slip. One day, I had a woman named Siobhan (which, for those unfamiliar, is pronounced Sha-von). After she said her name, I hesitated; it's a name I was familiar with, and I was trying to remember the exact spelling. Understandably, she assumed that I had no clue, and said not to worry about it and just write down whatever.

You guys should have seen her face when I proceeded to spell it correctly. Apparently, it had never happened before. I made her freaking day, and that in turn made mine. After all, my own name is a rare variation on a very common name, which people always spell incorrectly even after I have just spelled it out for them. I'm used to people getting it wrong at this point, and would die if someone ever picked the right spelling without my prompting.

I relate this story because I'm most of the way through a bottle of wine I feel it is much more interesting than pointing out the ways in which George A Romero is not winning any points with me by naming his characters as stereotypically as he possibly can.

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