Yesss I totally forgot to edit in a real letter until the assignments went out! Sorry about that.

I'll be honest, Yuletide author - I'm not good at requests. The details I gave in my sign-up are pretty much all I've got. So, a quick rundown of Stuff I Like/Don't Like:

* I am big into genfic these last couple of years. If you end up writing a pairing, that's awesome too! If it springs up naturally, please feel free! But given the choice between genfic and a story engineered around a pairing, I'd rather have gen, because I like the story to grow on its own.

* I like character stuff, too. Exploration, development, whatever. My requests for We're Alive and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are geared in that direction because I'm hungry to learn more about those characters than we get to see in canon.

* My big Do Not Wants are: torture and embarrassment squick. Please neither of those. Please.

I have anon commenting turned on and am neither sufficiently tech-savvy nor enough of a killjoy to use IPs to ID people, so PLEASE ask me questions if you have them! I know a lot of the fun is in getting really good prompts and that I may not be delivering well enough in that area for your satisfaction, and I want you to enjoy writing my story. Because you are awesome. ♥

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