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([personal profile] catslash May. 31st, 2006 01:51 pm)
I found this quote at The Joy of Sox:

Francona said he told Wells after an aborted throwing session, "'Seems to me that if you thought you could pitch you'd be yelling at me.' And he says, 'Yeah.'"

Did you hear that little sound? That was my heart breaking into tiny pieces. Boomer too disspirited to yell is likely the saddest thing I will hear all day.

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That breaks my heart :( It'd be like if Manny messed with his cake, he'd just sit there and be sad being like "whatever" and htat's not cool.
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David Wells of all people should not be making us go squishy with sadness, and that just makes it worse.

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Awwww. :( Poor Boomer. :(

That makes me sad. I can see him sitting around in Bronson's townhouse all depressed, and being so depressed he doesn't even want to drink.

The retirement's coming soon. I can feel it. And that makes me immensely sad. I mean, I don't blame him, but I also don't want him too, either.

Also, this thing about not talking to the media...something's going on. Boomer doesn't just stop talking to the media, no matter how many times he says it. He's just not that kind of person.
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Sounds like a plan. I'll be out late-ish Friday and Saturday watching the games (Red Sox/Tigers EEEEEEEEE) but available Saturday day and Sunday evening.

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