catslash: (Tek and Papi)
( Apr. 25th, 2010 04:53 pm)
Guys guys. All that stuff you've heard about How to Train Your Dragon being awesome? Totally true. Like, it's not just a good animated movie, or a fun kids' movie. It's an awesome movie. I just got back from it a little while ago and I already want to see it again, Scottish Vikings and all. (Because like the entire cast is Scottish, that's why.) Oh, and David Tennant is apparently in it, which I didn't know until the end credits because obvs he is not using his Doctor accent, so keep an ear out for that too.

Now I am off to rewatch yesterday's Doctor Who, because watching something when you've missed a night's sleep does not make for the best comprehension or retention. (Although, the bit with the four-second thing? Yeah, I was wide awake.)

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