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([personal profile] catslash Oct. 30th, 2010 12:30 am)
So apparently Supernatural is all that's pushing my LJ post button these days. Well, it beats a month of silence, right?

omg, are we really going with "Sam came back wrong"? I cannot even tell you what a Buffy flashback I'm having. Are we going to find out next that Sam just has a molecular suntan?

Whatever, I don't buy it yet. Notice that Castiel specifically denied that it was Lucifer in Sam's body, but no one has even mentioned Michael. And we have seen that an angel can be more powerful than one of the old gods, so I'd buy Michael being able to withstand Veritas's curse.

Yeah, I got really attached to that theory, plus I'm inclined to argue with the show no matter what it does at this point. Supernatural and I don't have a very healthy relationship.

Maybe next I'll post about something relevant to my life! Or, you know, ANYTHING. My posting fluctuates at the best of times, which the last few months have not been. But things are starting to look up and feel more stable again, and I don't think the relief of that has quite finished sinking in yet. When it does, maybe it will bring with it the energy to start posting more often than twice a month.
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