catslash: (not mad)
( Jun. 3rd, 2006 02:09 pm)
I hate Todd Jones. Shit. I figured that one would go to the Red Sox, but that's because Schilling has been Schilling and Rogers's previous couple of outings were not stellar. That was a suck-ass way to lose. It was nice to see Rogers back on form, though. I was getting a little concerned.

I am glad that the Red Sox didn't lose any ground to the Yankees, though. And the White Sox have been losing all week, too, so the Tigers are still on top of them by two and a half games.

I did end up making friends with a Red Sox fan who bought me a sympathy beer. We had a blast talking and might end up doing so again tonight, and I suppose I'll have to find a way to confess that I am a dual fan who's been drinking the Tigers Kool Aid. He just thinks I know a lot about opposing teams for no reason.

Tonight: The guy who gets no run support versus the guy who might be a little distracted by the birth of his daughter (congratulations, Jeremy and Amber Bonderman!). I think this'll be a good one. Leyland, plz to be leaving Jones on the bench today unless the Tigers are up by at least five runs. In fact, let's go with that rule in general. A one-run lead is not enough cushion for the Rollercoaster.

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