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( Apr. 20th, 2010 04:41 pm)
(I need an icon that better demonstrates flailing excitement. Any suggestions?)

I slept last night! For, like, eight and a half hours! The nurse practitioner at the student health center prescribed me some Ambien (along with a billion warnings about avoiding addiction, so yes, I know, I'll be careful), and it woooorked. Thank god. I also scheduled an appointment for counselling, since they offer a certain number of free counselling sessions per year and it is becoming steadily more obvious that something is the fuck wrong with me if my mind is so fired up at night that it's screwing up my sleep so badly.

If I'm really lucky, I might even be able to give that presentation tomorrow that I've had to put off twice already because of this stupid insomnia. Which my professor has been very understanding about, but I feel like a jerk anyway. Important notice if you attend school of any kind: Do not get insomnia near the end of the semester! It will fuck your scholastic shit up!

In other news, since I feel like I should tell you guys about something other than how my life sucks lately because I can't sleep, I registered for my fall classes today! Which officially turns my four-year degree into an at-least-five-year degree, but whatever, these things happen. I'm in no hurry to graduate anyway. Being a student beats the shit out of being in the real grown-up world.

But anyway! I'm going to take an English class on WWI (studying it via literature, obvs); a class called Oral Interpretation that is basically learning how to read stuff out loud without being boring, a skill I could stand to hone, in search of the ever-elusive Fine Arts credit; a History class on early Germany taught by that History professor I like so much; and a senior seminar (another requirement) called Aphra Behn and the Libertine Tradition, which I don't know exactly what that is (all I know about libertine stuff I learned from the movie Libertine, most of which I have forgotten by now anyway) but it sounds awesome. AND they're all afternoon classes like I had last semester, which will help a lot with keeping a more consistent sleep pattern than I've had this semester.

So that's what's on my mind today. Now I have to go hit the laundromat; I had to wear Laundry Day clothes to campus today because I was too tired over the weekend to face doing laundry. If nothing else, I'm learning a thing or two about getting shit done when I feel good enough to not worry about counting spoons.

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