catslash: (Default)
( Apr. 19th, 2010 07:46 am)
Thanks for the comments, guys. ♥ Unfortunately, despite those and Benadryl (EXTRA Benadryl, even), I did not sleep. (There was a reason I switched from the Benadryl to what the NP at the student health center originally prescribed, tho. But I had to ditch that stuff because it was giving me weird tightness in my chest. Sigh.)

Am off to shower and head to the student heath center once more to beg for a scrip for something that will put me out of commission for a week. Will probably also want a note to get me out of trouble with professors for today, esp for the class in which I am meant to be giving a presentation that I ALREADY had to delay once because of this crap. I'm gonna call a cab and everything. I can't face the walk to campus today.

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