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( Apr. 18th, 2010 09:19 pm)
FLIST. After having gotten back into a reasonably normal sleep cycle again and even giving up the medication I'd been taking (I slept better the night after, which was Friday night, than I have in ages), I once more have missed a night's sleep and am basically terrified that it's starting again. Obvsly I'm going right back on the Benadryl tonight, but I am not above begging for reassurance and calming vibes and all that shit, because SERIOUSLY getting worked up here. Please help me snap me out of it in the next couple of hours before I have to go to bed! I am going to lose my damn MIND if I have to do this again so soon.

(Uh, and to those of you on [ profile] the_thickofit who may have been wondering where this week's comm rewatch post was - my bad. By the time I remembered it, it was so late I decided to go with taking a week off and apologizing profusely next week. It's gotten so quiet, anyway; I'm not sure how many people even care anymore.)

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