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( Apr. 9th, 2010 04:15 pm)
Omg, you guys, I slept last night! That makes two nights in a row for the first time all week! I feel like a human being again. Kind of a tired human being, but a human being nonetheless.

After I posted yesterday morning, the ants-under-the-skin started up again (it was especially bad during my class, I could barely sit still toward the end), but you know what? I think this time it was mostly psychological. After I talked to a nurse practitioner at the student health center and we worked out a plan to try and reset my sleep cycle (basically, I stick with the Motrin PM I bought a couple days ago, which was probably the only reason I did sleep the night before last, and if that doesn't work she prescribed something a little stronger to switch to), the ants started going away. The relief of having figured something out was immense. I still didn't feel too great, but I was a lot more relaxed for the rest of the day.

I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for next Friday, but I think I'm gonna be all right by then. The Motrin PM is helping, the ants are actually gone, and my stress level is much lower.

Thanks so much to everyone who offered comments and ideas and support. It all really helped. I think without it, I would have been wound up even tighter. You guys are so great.

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