catslash: (Nicola - :D?)
( Mar. 7th, 2010 08:09 pm)
I have to write a paper for one class by four PM tomorrow and read like a hundred pages for another class by Wednesday morning, and I haven't even looked at what I have due for Tuesday, so naturally I thought this would be the best time for another round of crossover challenge requests!

I've done this a couple times before. It goes like this: Under the cut is the list of fandoms I'm currently into/comfortable writing for right now. You pick a couple (or more than a couple, if you want), and you can also add a further prompt - a scenario, song lyrics, color, pairing (even though I'll probably end up writing it as a gen interaction because that seems to be what I write these days), whatever. If you add the prompt, I might go with it, I might use part of it, I might do something tangentially related to it, or I might ignore it entirely. And I can't promise to write for every request, because there are always some that never gel for me no matter what I try. Please don't feel neglected if yours is one of them. I promise I love you anyway.

If you want a crossover with something that's not listed here but you know I'm into, feel free to ask for that; again, I promise nothing, but one of my favorite snippets last time came from one of those requests.

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