catslash: (Nicola - and there you go)
( Feb. 9th, 2010 06:56 pm)
I've been listening to a bunch of Doctor Who and Torchwood audiobooks since the semester started (there's a certain amount of time to fill) and am currently in the middle of Joseph Lidster's In the Shadows. I am enjoying it hugely so far for two reasons:

First, it is creepy as fuck and read by Eve Myles, who is really, really good at reading "creepy as fuck" (see also: certain segments of Border Princes - which, a quick Googling has told me, Lidster did the excellent abridgment of).

Second, it contains the following description of Jack: "He was indescribable, like a gay shampoo advert."

I kind of love Joseph Lidster right now.

(Now if only Eve would stop trying to do an American accent for Jack's dialogue. Oh my god. She didn't do one for Border Princes, and now I see why. And I want to know this: why is it that, when a Brit (from any part of the UK, apparently) fails epically at rendering a halfway decent American accent, it always sounds vaguely like the American stereotype of a leprechaun? It's highly unfortunate. And hilarious.)

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